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Friday, February 16, 2018


Video & Audio Center has long been the go-to place for seeing the latest and greatest technologies available. Because you can get up close and personal and interact with TVs, drones, wearables, audio devices and so much more. Now there’s the latest Video & Audio Center Superstore — the new flagship showcase located in the Westfield Century City Mall.

Filled with interactive displays and “hands on” settings that make seeing, trying and enjoying new technologies so much more accessible than staring at a LCD screen, the store’s location is inviting and alluring. Entering the store is like entering a technology-laden Santa’s workshop — only you can come here anytime of the year and expect to be wowed.

This was true of those attending the recent Grand Opening. Among the luminaries paying homage were those from the Los Angeles Mayor’s office as well as notables from film, art and music. But that’s not to say that the world of technology wasn’t represented — it was and heavily represented. Presentations and accolades were made by Sony, LG, Samsung, Sonos, GoPro and many others — each pointing out the accomplishments that Video & Audio Center has made over the course of their storied history. And making these accomplishments by being the first to present new technologies that have since become common to the consumer. Taking a well deserved bow and accepting the accolades as industry leaders were Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad, co-owners of Video & Audio Center. Joining in the celebration was Tom Campbell, Corporate Director and Chief Technologist.

But the Grand Opening was about a lot more than just presentations. The store was filled with the latest TVs, audio equipment, speakers (both Bluetooth, portable and otherwise), flying devices and monitors worn on wrists as well as much, much more. Interspersed among the many displays were spokespeople willing and eager to point out the highlights of their company’s product lines. Just as the crowd was eager to be shown, to be told and to experience for themselves. 

Because that’s the takeaway from the Grand Opening — that Video & Audio Center is all about making technology accessible and understandable and available, so that intelligent and happy purchases can be taken home and enjoyed for years to come. Come and see the latest technologies for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


Music is all about listening, but the quality of the medium providing those sounds can vary greatly. That’s why high-resolution audio (a.k.a., Hi-Res Audio) is gaining attention. The idea is to have a sampling rate that is significant higher than a CD, and so more closely mimic the sound of analog records (wherein the digital process hasn’t stripped out the “feeling” playing vinyl gives). This also means hearing more of the original recording and so it becomes more believable.

Hi- Res Audio typically uses 96kHz or higher which spans the frequencies that the human ear can hear as well as that outside of a person’s hearing range. It just sounds better, might be the best way to put it, as compared to the “compressed” audio so prevalent today.

But in order to hear Hi-Res Audio, the device playing the digital file must be compatible with it. That requires specialized electronics — you can’t just play Hi-Res Audio files in any MP3 player or mobile device. And one of the best ways to hear high-resolution audio is when watching a movie — because 4K discs have the capacity to hold the larger digital files that make up the soundtrack to films on disc. Sony’s UBPX800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player is a good example of playing higher resolution audio, not to mention giving you a higher resolution (4K) picture than previously was available at home.

High-resolution audio returns the sounds of reality to our hearing and makes every sound more vibrant and true to life. That’s good. 

Friday, January 12, 2018


A home theater is the ultimate in home entertainment. You get to sit in comfort, with munchies and goodies that came from your fridge (not wallet), and watch something you’d like to see when you want to see it. But unless you have a professional installer like Just One Touch putting your home theater together, there’s a number of things you must do in order to have a safe environment for watching So here’s 5 tips for a safe DIY home theater:

1.         USE NEW CABLES AND WIRES - Don’t scrounge around for the √•cables and wiring that might be on hand, but instead use new ones. This will not only insure you’re meeting the latest standards for video and audio transmissions, but also avoiding any chance of electrical issues. 

2.      PROTECT THE FURNITURE – Snacks and drinks are always a good idea when watching, except when they end up on your furniture. That means you’ll be doing the cleaning. Having a TV tray or end table designated for putting drinks or snacks onto them works better than your lap.

3.      GLOW IN THE DARK STRIPS – A fast way to tell where the light switch or wall is located can be done with a simple and (mostly) unobtrusive glow in the dark strip or sticker.

4.      DON’T OVERUSE THE ELECTRICAL OUTLETS - with everything in the home theater running on electricity, there’s a tendency to just plug everything into any outlet and expect the best. But with power outages and brownouts happening regularly (and not just in the summer), having a power conditioner interceding between the electricity hungry devices and the electric grid will keep everything working smoothly and better even (since “bad” electricity introduces interference to degrade video/audio). Also, no extension cords unless they are heavy duty and made for home theater use.

5.     5.      DON’T THE USE OF SMARTPHONES/TABLETS - It shouldn’t seem odd to not be looking at a phone/tablet when a movie is playing. But besides being just plain rude with potential phone calls, it also introduces light into the room as well as creating a less friendly environment for those who have to put up with it.

Friday, January 05, 2018


Having a home theater means no longer being dependent on going to the movies — who needs to spend a lot of money for barely 2 hours of images flickering across a screen? Big TVs, home projection systems, speakers and sound bars, 4K players and 4K streaming — all these combine to make watching at home a great experience. But that experience will suffer if someone trips or spills some popcorn or something worse happens. So here are 5 safety tips that will help to make sure your home theater provides a fun, but safe time for all.

Tripping over wires — be they speaker wires, electrical wires or otherwise — can ruin anyone’s “movie night” as well as lead to possible disaster. Be sure to keep any/all wires out of the seating area as well as the “traffic” area, which means the path people must take to get to their seats in the home theater. Floor bumpers and cable protectors and other systems can be used to keep the wires from getting tangled underfoot; the best way to proceed will depend on how the home theater is set up.

While having all the lights out might seem good while watching, even in the movie theaters there is some spot lighting to avoid it being totally dark. Arrange some lighting so that viewers aren’t forced to feel their way back to their seats, should someone have to get up to leave the home theater. These lights can be discreet and even the use of LED light strips against the floorboards will work. The idea is to ensure that anyone moving about will not get hurt from not being able to see where they are going.

While just plugging the various electronic components into wall outlets and extension cords might seem the easy way to do things, the actual fact is that it’s the worst thing you can do. Besides shortening the life of the various components, due to fluctuations in the electrical grid, sudden thunderstorms and the like, using a “clean” electrical source will improve the quality of what you see and hear as well as avoid having a circuit breaker shut everything down. A power conditioner plugs into the wall outlet and then the various components are plugged in. No learning curve, it’s easy to do and the results will be worth it.

It might seem prudent to stack all the electrical components away in a closet or concealed space, but there needs to be a proper airflow to dissipate heat. Dust and other detriment covering a component’s air vents can also prove disastrous, so dusting and regular vacuuming of the home theater area is suggested (watching out for static electricity build up when carpeting is involved). This will not only add to the life of the components, but make for a healthier environment for those watching.

Enjoying what’s on the screen is difficult when the seat one is in isn’t comfortable. Adjusting the seating — or purchasing seats especially geared for home theater use — should be done so that those watching don’t experience neck or back aches. It’s also important, in the case of watching 3D movies, that the seats allow the person to sit upright without slouching. Being comfortable while watching will make the watching even more enjoyable. 


Part of the fun of going to the movies is the movie theater itself — it doesn’t look like a living room at all. But just because you’re staying home to watch doesn’t mean your home theater has to be boring — why not make it fun? Here’s 5 ways you can turn a ho-hum home theater into something as entertaining as what you will be watching:

SIGNAGE AND POSTERS - Bare walls might make for a quiet environment, but why not liven it up with some movie posters?  There’s non-invasive ways to put these up on the walls, should it be only time for them when its “movie night” too. Or go for a “This is our Movie Theater” or a marquee with the family’s name on it or some other sign — maybe with neon glowing or LED backlighting? Let your imagination soar before you start watching.

MOVIE THEATER PROPS - Bring out a cardboard cutout of your favorite actor or a movie theater usher and place them in a strategic spot to show off before the  “movie” starts. Maybe a movie theater-themed clock to keep the time while also keeping the look of the theater. Or even a decorative table for holding the popcorn until its time to eat.

MOVIE THEATER SNACKS - If there’s anything that gets the taste buds going, it’s the wide array of candies and other foodstuffs that wait behind the concession counter. A quick trip to the grocery store will let you stock up on your favorites so that they’re ready when you are. Plus the price for indulging in hot dogs or piazza or other edibles will be significantly less. Your stomach wont know the difference.

LOOK, IT’S A POPCORN MACHINE - Okay, so microwaving popcorn is fast and convenient But a home popcorn machine with all the trimmings really impresses in the kitchen. And somehow makes the popcorn taste better too. Plus it looks cool.

HOME THEATER SEATS - no, there’s nothing wrong with sitting on a couch to watch a movie, but being in a cinema home theater seat (sort of a fancy specialized lazy-boy) is not only more comfortable but also safer for your living room (or wherever your home theater calls home). That’s because they have cup holders which, unlike you, never lose their grasp on what you’re drinking. There’s also a feeling of awesomeness when reclining because you know you’re in a seat whose only purpose is to let you watch with an unencumbered view of the “screen.”


A home theater is all about the picture and sound. But getting all the electronic components to work together efficiently requires more than just their being hooked together — they must be kept free from dirt and impurities. So here’s 5 tips for keeping your home theater clean so it can perform at its best:

 1) DUST THE COMPONENTS – Most, if not all electronic components will benefit from having dust removed from on them and around them, including speakers. This can be done with a soft lint-free cloth that has a bit of a furniture spray applied to it (never to the components directly though). Take special care where there are air vents (examples: disc players, audio amplifiers, etc.) so the dust doesn’t get blown into them. A soft new toothbrush can be used to clean vents as well as crevices, and areas that get exposed — such as an ejected disc player tray. This should be done on a regular basis to maximize a clean environment.

2) CLEAN THE TV SCREEN - The TV attract dust, which is hard to notice, however, there’s no doubt that this will inhibit the best image from being seen. Cleaning the TV screen requires not only a special cloth and special fluid, but a procedure that is more involved than just “wiping” from left to right. Don’t forget to first dust the bezel and base (unless wall mounted) since this can cause dust to go onto the screen. Then the screen should be cleaned. 

3) CLEAN THE CONNECTIONS - It might sound counter intuitive to worry about connections between components, but since dust can worm its way in — some cleaning is indicated. Removing cable connections and dusting off the connectors as well as the sockets they go into can be done with a soft lint-free cloth and that clean toothbrush (which dislodges adhered dust). Of course dusting around the sockets first makes sense also.

 4) FILTER THE AIR - Air quality can affect the home theater components negatively. A small air filter next to where the components “live” will easily deal with this issue. Or having an air filter strategically placed to cover the entire home theater will be good for those watching as well.

5) VACUUMING THE FLOOR - The area that constitutes the home theater needs to be kept clean on a regular basis. This is especially true if there are windows left open or the flow of traffic brings in airflow, with the results effluvium. A vacuum on hard floor or carpeting will do the trick, and cleaning chairs and couches regåularly as well is indicated. Just beware of static electricity generated from using the vacuum (or in some cases from just walking on the carpeting) and avoid touching any component other than the remote to play it safe (at least, until you discharge the static electricity).

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017: Entertainment & Smart Home Technology Year in Review

2017 saw exciting technologies appear in entertainment for everyone. Companies like Samsung, Sony and LG and Sonos presented brilliant new ways to watch our favorite TV shows and movies, listen to music, and so much more. Action camera pioneer GoPro demonstrated that we could soar and shoot videos with a quality and precision not possible before, while Dyson elevated household appliances to a whole new level; here are some of the highlights of what these companies have brought us.
HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV /48’, 65, 75” & 85”
QLED TV provides for a billion colors and uses Quantum Dot technology in conjunction with a new Metal Core to enable 100% color volume - translated into visuals where the color doesn’t fade, regardless of how bright the scene are. The panel achieves a brightness level that is very close to natural light and so provides for an accurate visual experience. Add in 4K HDR and the results are greater, more lifelike detail as compared to conventional TV. Plus the Invisible Connection, between the TV and every device plugged into it, is automatically detected, with the included Smart Remote knowing what to do by just being aimed at the TV. 

Here’s what is being said about the QLED TV:
"...overall an outstanding and groundbreaking TV that takes HDR to places it hasn't gone before.” —Forbes
"…it offers a level of performance that was previously unimaginable for a TV of its type.” —AVS Forum
"QLED TV is one of the best-designed TV's ever, with sleek , modern styling and impeccable fit and finish.” —C/NET
The Frame HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV/55” & 65”
Looking like a picture frame hanging on the wall, The Frame doesn’t fade to black when the picture is off — instead it transforms into a work of art: users can select from over 100 custom-designed digital art pieces to display. A sensor keeps the color and brightness intensities of the artwork at a level consistent with the lighting in the room, no matter the time of day. Coupled with the Invisible Connection and a no-gap wall mount plus customizable accessory options including interchangeable bezels and an optional Studio Stand, it is becomes easy to compliment the user’s living space in a way that was not possible before. Of course a sharp, clear picture with brilliant color and contrast is assured through HDR 4K technologies for a high resolution, lifelike picture.
Here’s what is being said about The Frame:
“This TV Is Also a Piece of Art”  —Vogue
“Imagine your TV is mounted above your fireplace. You watch a movie or your favorite show and turn it off. You now have a blank dark screen above your fireplace. The Frame allows you to bring this blank space to life.” —STARPOWER

A1E BRAVIA 4K HDR Ultra HD Android Smart OLED TV/55”, 65” & 77”

Sony’s flagship brings true reality to the screen utilizing OLED technology (organic light emitting diodes) to create exquisite contrast with perfect black and color — 8 million+ pixels self-illuminating precisely and individually. Color is selectively matched across a wider gamut so that subtle colors appear naturally on screen, as 4K high resolution vies with the brightness, color and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR); handling a variety of formats including HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision.  A wide viewing angle means no jockeying for the “sweet spot” on the couch.

The A1E also possesses unique Acoustic Surface technology, in which the entire screen becomes the speaker — eliminating speakers beneath or to the side of the display, yet filling the room with awe-inspiring sound.

What they’re saying about the A1E

“Sony A1 OLED review: the best TV of all time, and then some” F—inancial Review

“Seriously, folks, the Sony A1E OLED is just out-of-this-world fantastic.” —Digital Trends 

“The A1 OLED series is a crowd pleaser in just about every way. Sony's ‘picture only’ design has been beautifully realized, managing to be simultaneously subtle and dramatic. The A1's vibrating screen delivers a far more powerful and effective sound performance than we’d have thought possible, too.” —techradar

Z9D 4K HDR Ultra HD 3D Android Smart TV/65” & 75”

Sony’s LCD flagship model comes equipped with Sony’s Backlight Master Drive technology — this technology provides for near perfect black levels that other TVs can’t match; with each LED controlled individually for a precise picture wherein each LED emits a straight beam for a greater brightness and more accurate contrast.

Featuring 4K high resolution and the 4K Processor X1 Extreme  for more real-time image processing), the Triluminos display increases the color depth to demonstrate brighter and more realistic colors. The X-tended Dynamic Range Pro is used to increase the quality of HDR, with support for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. In addition to built-in 3D capabilities, there is Android TV voice search and Google Cast for sending movies and music from a smartphone to the TV.

OLED 4K HDR Smart LED TV/55”, 65” & 77”
The LG E7 Series employs OLED technology. The panel uses organic light-emitting diodes which generate their own light, unlike the added lighting required with a LCD panel (resulting in a thinner and less weighty TV). As a result, a perfect back can be achieved, one with greater shadow detail. Additionally there is an expanded color palette with over a billion colors. Add in 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) and the results are a more lifelike and realistic looking image. Aiding in enhancing the image are such technologies as HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, along with Dolby Atmos for a more precise surround sound.

The LG W7 OLED is the flagship  model and is also known as the W7 “wallpaper” due to its width being an astonishing 2.5mms thin. This is due to the electronics having been moved into a separate box that also serves as a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

What they’re saying about LG’s OLED TVs:

(W7) “They look more like a work of modern art than any television I've seen.” —engadget

“...the finest OLEDs money can buy...” —Digital Trends

“...the LG E7 outperforms every other TV we’ve tested.” —C/NET
Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV/55”, 60”, 65”,  75” & 86”

Super UHD provides for deeper and more naturally color through the use of Nano Cell Display technology; able to display a billion lifelike colors for more subtle and precise gradation (64 times richer than a conventional TV).  Additionally, colors look consistently truer, with black level looking deeper, regardless of whether one is looking straight at the display or at an angle, thanks to IPS technology ensuring a wide viewing angle. Also, Active HDR with Dolby Vision adds to the already high detail resulting from 4K resolution. This is all contained in a space saving design.

What customers are saying about Super UHD:

“I love the picture bought my last year Lg is a good product!!!”

“I bought this 65” beauty a few weeks ago and I can say for sure that the picture is a huge level up from my previous.”

Sonos One
Not content with merely making a smart speaker with surprisingly rich, room filling sound, Sonos built in Amazon Alexa for hands-free music control. But more than just playing songs, you can check news and traffic and even manage other smart devices in the home. Add the Sonos app and all your music can be managed in one place: Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Internet radio and hundred of other streaming services can now be accessed.

What do those in the know think of the Sonos One?

“The best-sounding smart speaker you can buy” —engadget
“The Best Voice-Activated Speaker Ever Made” —Inc.
“Alexa has never sounded better” —The Verge
Make TV sound even better while not standing out — that’s why Playbase doesn’t go on the wall but instead goes under the TV. It’s low profile practically disappears when placed beneath any TV up to 77 lbs. Then do the simple 2-cord setup and be prepared for 2.1 Full-theater sound that makes everything  sound better. Or listen to music that never stops — because the streaming comes over Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth.

What do Playbase customers say?

“Great product and sound. One of the easiest wifi, entertainment equipment I've ever setup. The dual band router issue happens when the phone auto connects to the band the speaker isn't set too.”

“A master piece from Sonos! Great sound with music or Home Theater - great bass - cannot believe it is only two inches tall!”

Hero6 Black
This action camera features 4K 60 fps shooting, plus amazing slow motion capture @ 1080/24p and a digital zoom capability. Employing a new chip platform for greater image quality and advanced “intelligence,” a 3-axis digital video stabilization system ensures sharp video with greater dynamic range, richer colors and better low-light image capturing. Next generation video compression (HEVC standard) allows for high resolution, higher frame rates and mobile device friendliness; being able to send video and photos straight to a smartphone.

What are they saying about the Hero6 Black:

“The little action cam that could continues to be deliciously fun and shockingly powerful for its size.” —TechCrunch

“If you're all about slo-mo and smooth 4K, GoPro's got you covered.” —Wired

The Karma drone folds up into a case and can be worn as a backpack so it can be taken anywhere. But in the air is where it wants to go, so use the buttons on the game-like controller to have it takeoff, land or return to home. Setup also includes a flight simulator for teaching first-timers the basics of flying a drone.

With the stabilizer in place, a smooth ride is assured. But should you be using one of the GoPro compatible cameras (Hero5 Back, Hero5 Session, Hero4) and want it to be earthbound, the stabilizer detaches for hand-held and body-mounted use.

What customers are saying

“The Karma Grip, Drone and controller setup are an incredibly great piece of kit. They are very quick and easy to have up and going within seconds without any fuss and bother.”

“This is amazing. Simply the best!”

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum
It self-rights itself when toppled — other vacuums fall and stay down. But with the core technologies housed in the ball (and the 2-tier radial cyclone increasing the airflow) you can concentrate on picking up fine dust and ground in dirt since this vacuum can turn on the spot and follow you effortlessly around. There’s even a hygienic dirt ejector to push out trapped dirt and debris as you empty; your hand stay clean.

Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor Vacuum
Similar to the Big Ball but smaller, a retractable handle makes storage 50% easier than a full-size upright. There’s an advanced self-adjusting cleaner head and the cord wand and hose extends to 43” for cleaning up high and under furniture.

Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 Vacuum
With radial root cyclone technology to increase suction power and trap more dirt and dust, Dyson’s lower priced full sized upright includes a motorized brush bar that is ideal for removing pet hair. Turn it off and it’s ready for delicate rugs and hard floors. The cleaner head also self-adjust from carpet to hard floors.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum
This upright features the new Cyclonic technology called Dyson Cinetic Science which eliminates the need for a filter. Its motorized brush bar handles pet hair with ease and can be turned off for use on delicate surfaces. Greater suction is derived from the self-adjusting cleaner head, while the ball design makes for easy maneuvering around furniture and obstacles.

Dyson Cinetic Animal Upright Vacuum
This upright vacuum utilizes an air-driven tangle free mini turbine tool for cleaning upholster, cars and stairs of dust, dirt and pet hair. Its ergonomic handle is also designed and positioned for comfortable carrying.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy  Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Features include Dyson Cinetic Science to capture the dust that clogs other vacuum’s filters, a self-adjusting cleaner head and no dirty filters to wash or replace. Besides a smooth action (telescoping) wand and hose release for cleaning up high and under furniture, there’s also push button release for emptying the hygienic bin of dust and debre.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum
Dyson’s most powerful full size animal upright vacuum use the latest radial root cyclone technology to increase suction power and trap more dirt and dust. There is a HEPA filtration, a motorized brush bar and an included air-driven tangle free mini turbine tool for cleaning upholstery, cars and stair. There is also a quick draw telescope reach wand and an ergonomic handle.

This vacuum is designed for cleaning across all floor types and uses a whole-machine HEPA filtration system for trapping allergens and bacteria inside. Ball technology makes steering into difficult places easy, and there’s no bending down due to the turbine head being controlled at the handle. A single button press releases the dirt from the hygienic bin.

Dyson V7 Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum
It’s hassle-free because it’s cord free, with up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. Powered by a Dyson digital motor and including a hygienic dirt ejector, also included is a mini motorized tool, extension hose and combination tool.

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum
Up to 30 minutes of strong suction, courtesy of fade-free lithium batterie powering a Dyson digital motor. Tools include a mini motorized tool, combination tool and crevice tool.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
Dyson’s latest cordless stick vacuum employs a stronger motor than previous models and has 15% greater suction — yet it’s 50% quieter. A HEPA filtration system captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe. A larger dust bin holding more is enhanced by a bigger battery that extends use to up to 40 minutes.

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
With similar features as that of the Absolute, this vacuum is engineered for homes with pets. It captures allergens and has a selector switch that provides up to 7 minutes of higher suction for more difficult tasks.

Here’s what they’re saying about these vacuum cleaners

[Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum] “The Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum cleaner surpasses the other machines on our lineup in its performance and maneuverability, so it easily earns a top spot on this list.” —Top10Reviews

[Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum] “I love it!!!!” —Customer

[V8 Absolute] “Best of all though, it genuinely is fun to use. The sci-fi aesthetic makes it one of the few “white goods” gadgets you’ll happily leave on show in the house, with the transforming design as useful as it is clever. It’s worth saving the cash for.” —techradar

“Instead of focusing on compactness or power only, they were successful in creating a vacuum that has it all. Dyson DC50 allergy is indeed one of a kind, especially if you want a multi-purpose vacuum.” —Clean Well Expert

[Dyson V7 Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum] “It was a gift and she loves it.” —Customer
Dyson Hair Dryer
The Dyson Hair Dryer measure air temperature 20 times per second to keep the heat consistent and produces airflow traveling at 105 mph! Powered by Dyson’s fastest digital motor, the weight and shape is radically redesigned for a comfort and balance when held.

What they’re saying about this hair dryer:

“I used Dyson's super-powerful, £300 hairdryer — here's why people will buy it” —Business Insider Australia

Dyson AMO9 Fan Heater
The Dyson AM09 Fan Heater provides precise, energy efficient heating, thank to an intelligent thermostat which monitor the room as well a main ting the selected temperature. There are no exposed heating elements and automatically cuts off if tipped over. It features air multiplier technology which is a  blade less design, eschewing any danger in operation. Besides heat, there is also a “cool” setting to function as a fan.

What they’re saying about this heater:

“You want to get hot, or stay cool? As a two-in one device, the AM09 has you covered whether it’s the deepest darkest nights of winter, or a sweltering summer’s day. As a fan heater, it can pump out either fast blasts of cooling air, or warm cosy waves.”  —techradar

“Dyson’s new fan and heater is the smartest and most beautiful you can get of either appliance, let alone both. Whether it’s worth its hefty price tag is a question of whether you need your fan to be smart and beautiful — with the elegantly-engineered precision and cleverness that brings.” —INDEPENDENT

That's only a partial recap of some of the exciting new entertainment and home technologies released during 2017—and 2018 promises even more amazing advancements. To see all of these amazing products in person, stop into any Video & Audio Center superstore showroom and ask them to see "What's new"!