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Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Watching movies at home beats going to the theater - the savings in parking and concession food alone pays for the Blu-ray disc spinning in the player (or the fee paid for the rental). But the movie is only going to look as good as the TV it's playing on so if you've been putting off getting a high-definition HDTV, now's the time to correct that so every bit of detail that's been captured can be seen on the screen. Here's are three examples of movies to watch with the family this holiday season:

Fast & Furious 6/Universal Studios PG-13

Those who saw Fast in the theater will find no loss in translation to their HDTV. The focus is on speed and precision in driving - amidst a story that flies by as fast as any vehicle. Twists and turns, not all of them in cars, with Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and cast performing up to speed. You'll want the biggest screen you can get hold of for this one, even if that means taking the Blu-ray disc to a friend's house. Watching this on 65" Sony Curved LED HDTV is an experience in itself.

Wreck-It Ralph/Walt Disney Home Entertainment PG

Wreck-It Ralph is a lighthearted animated story of video game characters back in the day when the arcade ruled and quarters flowed into coin slots like Niagara Falls. With bright colors and digital sounds reminiscent of Atari video games, parents will also find this movie entertaining (and nostalgic). Watching the 3D version is highly recommended if your TV only does 2D, now's the time to consider upgrading to a HDTV that does. To see Ralph in 3D, try this Samsung BDF5900 Smart 3D Built-in WiFi Blu-ray Disc Player

Pacific Rim/Warner Home Video PG-13

Action movies involving monsters can be good — but if the Monsters are really big and really mean, then it's great! But then you need robots to fight them — REALLY big and even meaner Robots standing skyscraper tall. No miniatures are harmed in this film, because it's CG that's startlingly realistic — check out the explosions Pacific Rim gives you for that. With production values and a level of storytelling that goes beyond the mindless, even those less inclined to get behind apocalyptic stories of humanity vs. aliens will find much to enjoy. And watching it in 3D is just plain awesome too! To see Pacific Rim in 3D, try this SONY HTST7 HD Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


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