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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Bowl or Any Party - How The Gear in Your Home Can Make the Difference Between Having to Host and Having Fun

Having a Super Bowl party at your house - make that ANY party - isn’t as much fun when you have to be the one going to all the trouble to play the music and work the remote, hey that’s a lot of work! That’s why you just need to use the electronic helpers that are already in your house - yeah, your TV and other gear is waiting to take over so you can join in on the fun.

Your TV Is the Gateway to the Cloud

People want to stay connected on Facebook and Twitter even in the middle of the big game - and whether it’s the pre-show or commercial breaks, keep them watching by accessing the Internet through a web browser or social media apps on a “Smart TV.” Plus if the Skype video/audio service is on it (like Samsung’s 60” UN60F800 which even includes a built in pop-up camera), they can even check in with friends across the country where they’re partying through their HDTV or computer, phones or tablet.

How to Get Great Music

People carry their tunes with them - before it was a portable CD player or an MP3/iPod - now it’s a cellphone. The advantage here is that  phones can do Bluetooth, which is just a form of short-range tech that connects an audio source (the phone) to an audio device which has wireless speakers. Because the pairing is quick, different phones can take turns, which means that a lot of different music can be played. So instead of wasting time trying to figure out what music your friends like, just make sure your sound bar’s got Bluetooth. Most do - Sony’s HTCT260H sound bar for example, also has a wireless subwoofer to ensure that whatever music’s playing is going to pound right through the conversations and make people take notice.

But since people are going to be everywhere - in the den, bedroom, kitchen, outside — not just in front of the TV all the time, put out another or even a few portable Bluetooth speakers around so that the music can be anywhere and everywhere. beats by dr. dre’s Beatbox Portable for example runs on “D” cells,  you can just buy them before things start jumping and forget about charging. Or plug it into a wall outlet and forget about batteries altogether. Or go with the rechargeable beat by dre’s Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker because it may be small but it knows how to party.

Forget the Remote

Being the guy who has to stand in front of the TV guarding the remote like it was a football before the snap is boring. Let the gang go wild by showing them how your TV can take a hand gesture and turn it into a command — some  HDTVs like LG’s 55LA7400 even lets you talk to it because it’s made to understand voices. So you can stick the remote between the cracks in the couch and forget about it.

But if you want to score a touchdown every time, it doesn’t matter if it’s Super Bowl XLVIII or just an excuse to play the latest blockbuster movie (Thor: The Dark World and Gravity will soon be out) or show everyone what 80’s tech thought the future would be by playing ROBOCOP ahead of the theater re-make. The point is that you’ve got the gang together to have a good time, so get to it!


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