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Friday, May 16, 2014

Introducing The Samsung 78” 3D 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Curved HDTV

What's 78", Curved and Ultra High-Definition all over? Samsung's new 3D 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Curved HDTV (UN78HU9000) is the answer. But just calling out the name isn't enough — you need to see for yourself why this curved screen Samsung 4K TV is the best yet, which is why Video & Audio Center is one of the first to offer this latest entry into awesome home viewing.

But what makes the UN78HU9000 so amazing? Let’s break it down.

The Curved Panel

Call it the panel or the screen or the display — whatever the name, it's the glass facing you that takes all of the electronics from inside from what just a few years ago would seem an impossibly thin chassis and projects it for all to see. But this screen isn't flat — it's curved — and with a picture so highly detailed, evenly lit and brilliantly colorful to the eye, it deserves to be 78 inches. Proprietary technology eliminates any picture distortion from edge-to-edge; the curved screen is more inviting to the eye and envelops the viewer as the image plays out. Contrast is automatically adjusted to create a greater sense of depth, with brighter whites and darker blacks brought out by LED illumination. The wider color spectrum enhances what is seen, even in non-HD content, while optimal picture performance concentrates on adjusting both primary and secondary colors. And all the time the Ultra Clear panel is absorbing ambient light that otherwise robs the image from looking its best.

Upscaling HD and Non-HD

Not all content has the advantage of the rich colors and pinpoint sharpness of native 4K. So the UN78HU9000 uses proprietary upscaling to deliver an experience that will keep you in your seat watching, no matter if it's HD or even non-HD content. This is done through picture analysis of the signal, along with noise reduction and detail enhancement; all occurring moment-by-moment as the picture plays.

More than Smart, Extra-Smart

The UN78HU9000 doesn't slow down while taking commands from a host of "Smart TV" functions through its Smart Hub; streaming video or downloading and running apps, mirroring a smartphone or marveling at just how big a web browser can be is just the start of what you can do. There's no slowdown because Quad Core Processor + is multitasking all the functions that result in what you see and hear as well as what you can do — such as using the pop-up video camera or accessing remote control via voice interaction and motion control. And because this Samsung is Smart Evolution Ready — the TV's "brain" can be upgraded and made even more powerful, with added features and technologies later on. This means the UN78HU9000 will never get left behind.

Sound Off

Samsung placed a full-fledged audio system within the confines of the UN78HU9000. So besides a pair of 15 watt speakers, there's also two 15 watt subwoofers to blend in the kind of bass that turns ordinary audio into a richer and more fulfilling experience every time you listen. And because the speakers are front-firing, the sound goes towards you, not down and away, and so there's a wider and more immersive sound-field to take advantage of the DTS Premium sound 5.1 that can also convert stereo into 5.1 DTS surround sound.

As if this wasn't enough, there's also Quad screen for watching live TV on one screen, video on another and the web on yet another all at once while navigating on a 4th screen. Plus there's an optional UHD Video pack that connects via USB 3.0 to provide 5 movies and 3 documentaries in sterling 4K to watch. Samsung's 78" 4K Ultra HD HDTV does all this and more at a price that is as astonishing as itself. So now is the time for the big, 4K curved screen to make its debut: introducing the Samsung UN78HU9000.


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