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Monday, June 09, 2014

FIFA World Cup player Carlos Bocanegra Visits the Video & Audio Center Super Store

Video & Audio Center’s Century City Super Store may be the newest sibling to its 3 siblings (Santa Monica, South Bay, Agoura Hills) but don’t get the idea that it’s shy. Last weekend saw celebrated FIFA World Cup player Carlos Bocanegra visiting to talk with fans, sign autographs and participate in a whirlwind of prizes and giveaways — soccer balls and jerseys (signed on the spot) plus other FIFA-related giveaways dotted the store as happy customers made their way through the aisles and walls lined with the latest and greatest consumer electronics and high-definition TVs.

Meanwhile off to the side, a group of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs projected forth soccer games with the kind of brilliance and detail that just a few years ago were impossible. Sony is the official TV of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but even more important for soccer fans is that they’ll be attending the event in Brazil to shoot and record the games in pristine and native 4K resolution. This will then be available for viewing later by those with a Sony 4K TV through the streaming service of the (optional) Sony-only 4K Ultra HD Media Player that is integrated with the 4K TV to become part of a whole-home entertainment system.

Those planning to attend FIFA can do their own shooting in 4K through the use of Sony's 4K Camcorder, which is both attractively priced (i.e., not tens of thousands of dollars like the professional equipment Sony will be using) and designed to fit comfortably in the hand as if it was "just" another camcorder

The displays of Sony 4K TVs continued to attract almost as much attention as did Bocanegra — leading the charge was the XBR70X850B, Sony’s latest 4K TV, with its massive 70” screen size. But big as the image was, the eye and brain also locked onto the fact that everything appearing on the display was so lifelike; the color and contrast “popping” out like looking through a crystal clear window. And as those watching the soccer game could see, the fast-moving players retained their sharpness even as they zipped across the playing field. Meanwhile, on another Sony 4K TV, PlayStation 3 video games were being streamed directly from the Internet and presented for play. It was a soccer game, of course, and the Sony PS3 DualShock 3 controller was connected directly to the TV — none of that “attempting to play with a remote control” nonsense here. Those who attempted to duplicate even an iota of Bocanegra’s skill could only complain about their reflexes — because the gaming view was so sharp and colorful.

The event also had its moments of fame for Video & Audio Center co-founders Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad. They were presented with a proclamation from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, which applauded the opening of the Century City Super Store and commended Video & Audio Center for their being in the forefront in the consumer electronics industry and serving as a widely recognized industry launch pad for new products and technologies.

As the event wound down, it could be seen that those attending had derived a greater understanding of the abilities of Carlos Bocanegra from what he had to say about the game he loves so much. And for those who had for the first time seen what a 4K TV’s picture really looked like, the wish that they were going home to a Ultra HD TV in their living room was great.


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