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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

THX Certification Makes the Sharp 4K UHD TVs Special

The recent introduction of the Sharp 60" and 70" AQUOS 4K Ultra HD TVs gave many people their first glimpse of a 4K television the first one ever to be associated with THX. For many people THX meant hearing the logo in the movie theater as an announcement that the sound now playing was going to be splendid. But the event now provided the opportunity to expand upon THXs involvement in what was being SEEN.

This was because the Sharp could not only present a vibrant and astoundingly detailed image, but also meet a standard in which the movies you are watching on the display are as the director intended for you to see. As was explained, most consumers think THX is all about sound quality but the fact is that over the last 6 years THX has been doing certifications for high definition televisions, and now most recently a new certification program for 4K. And with this new certification program, THX has worked with Sharp and their engineers to bring the original quality of the original content, as the filmmaker wants it to be seen, to the home.

To explain further, we spoke with Xavier Nicolas, President of THX, Ltd, who pointed out that 400 tests were done and that these measurements allowed for feedback to be given back to Sharp so that adjustments could be made so that the best quality would be achieved. We were also told that these Sharps were the worlds first 4K Ultra HD TVs to be THX 4K certified. And no doubt the 70" AQUOS 4K Ultra HD TV is the largest.

As the evening progressed we learned more about the THX certification how it was not only that the display met industry standards for 4K performance, but also provided an assurance that the image quality maintained a content accuracy true to the original HD image. Also that it is the only performance benchmark for TVs that is reserved for displays with best-in-class picture quality.

To dispel the myth that there is a steep learning curve in order to use the THX certification, the THX 4K and standard Movie modes are pre-calibrated to deliver the best viewing experience right out of the box. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, or make that inside the circuitry delivering the video to the display, the fact that there has been THX certification results in the image being improved upon as regards deinterlacing and the taming of the jaggies that can impact negatively on the HD image. In addition, the color gamut is extended here which is quite a performance, according to THX.

But anyone who stood before the Sharp 4K TV could see what THX 4K certification quality means a highly detailed and vibrant image that makes watching a pleasure.


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