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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The Super Bowl is a great game, but its even more of a great party-in-the-making. Because wherever you go to watch, you can bet its going to be on a big TV: at a sports bar, your friend or in-laws house, even your own doesnt matter, its all about watching the game with as much excitement as if you were right there at the 50 yard line. To make that happen the TV has to be big. But with a big TV there comes problems that must be dealt with prior to everyone being able to watch and have a great time. Theres no reason to wait on finding these out on Game Day, so lets tackle the job right now.


Most people want to sit in front of the TV as close as they can, but besides not being possible in some cases (think: Sports Bar ceiling-mounted TV), being too close spoils the view. Whether you have the TV mounted (installed) for you or you do it yourself, one of the most important things is to have empty space between the TV and where the seating is, since nobody wants to be standing ALL of the time. This empty space has to be thought out before the TV is set up for example, if everyone has to walk between you and the TV in order to get to the kitchen or bathroom, well you just know somebody is going to do it at exactly the worst possible time, blocking your view. Working out the traffic that the room will have before the TV gets placed will result in many happy hours of viewing, not to mention keeping ones blood pressure from skyrocketing.


Having a lot of people gathered together means a lot of noise especially when watching sports. And even more so when its the Super Bowl. So making sure the audio can be heard above the din is vital. One way to improve the audio is to have it playing through the speakers of your home theater setup. HT speakers are obviously bigger and more dynamic than those in any of todays flat panel TVs. Its simple to do and doesnt cause any harm; just connect a cable (optical or coaxial depending on the output) from the TVs audio out to the amplifier driving the home theater.

Another alternative for increasing sound quality over the cheers or jeers is to connect the TVs audio output to a portable speaker yes one of those BT speakers most used for playing from a smartphone  or tablet. In this case its a simple matter of plugging a long cable between the TVs output and the mini-jack input that pretty much all portable speakers provide. Then you just move the portable speaker as close to the crowd as possible and turn up the volume. In some case you can even keep the volume going on the TV as well, doubling the volume and ensuring that the game will be heard.


Movie theaters may run their films in the dark, but nobody does this when watching TV at home unless they can devote themselves entirely to the picture and nothing else (even bars arent totally dark!). Studies have shown that watching in the dark can cause eyestrain and headaches, mostly because unlike theater watching, watching at home requires going from light to dark areas of a room. Besides, who wants to be caught in the dark while carrying something  from the kitchen? But you dont want to go in the opposite direction and have too much light either that can cause glare on the TV and ruin the view. And if you can, dont have the TV aimed anywhere towards the kitchen where fluorescent lights rule. So experiment with having small lamps on at strategic locations so that the TV can perform at its best and people wont be stumbling around.

Having a Super Bowl Party or any party for that matter can be exciting when the TV draws everyone together. Spending a little time beforehand to make sure the big picture will be at its best will make everyone happy. Including you.


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