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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Digitalarti is a leading international new media/digital art & innovation producer and distributor. The company, based in Paris with offices in New York (and soon in Shanghai), welcomes creators in its artlab and distributes artworks from Abu Dhabi to New York to major companies worldwide like Accenture, L'Oreal, Hermes, Paris Airport, among others.

Most recently an announcement for video art noted that the displays to be used would be of 4K resolution providing for an enhanced view previously not possible. To gain a better understanding of 4Ks value in this undertaking, we turn to Bertrand Scache, Co-producer at DIGITALARTI, in charge of the 4K project.

Why use 4K resolution for an art exhibition?

Bertrand Scache: Ultra High Definition, or 4K, is known for its increased resolution that lets individuals enjoy artwork at closer distance around 1.5x the panel size, instead of 3x for HD panels. It creates a whole new immersive experience into the artist's intention. For some artworks, we even used an increased frame rate to allow for smoother animations.

However, 4K is about much more than just resolution. It also gave event participants and us an experience with:

·         Extended color range, similar to what photography or painting is providing as tools for artists right now
·         Higher dynamic range, which is crucial in new media art where lighting effects are very important
·        Higher sound quality and immersive audio to create an unparalleled experience

The whole reason why we use these advanced UHD/4K panels is to provide our artists with a wider range of capabilities to bring emotion and an immersive experience to fully express the artist's intentions.

Where did the idea of using 4K come from?

Bertrand Scache: As UHD/4K is currently the higher end of the audiovisual market, it fits well with the presentation of new media artworks in selective lounges, frequented by travelers accustomed to the highest standards.

What kind of equipment will be needed?

Bertrand Scache: Digitalarti will provide our recommendation for UHD/4K TV panels, and will supply them for the first equipped lounges. These will be commercially available UHD/4K TVs, and we are currently selecting our partner for this operation.

Where will this exhibition be located?

Bertrand Scache: These artworks will be exhibited first at selective airlines lounges in 6 international locations Asia, Europe, Middle East - with extensions to a larger number of locations worldwide. The UHD/4K TV market is largely driven by the Chinese internal market, accounting for 50 percent of 2014 worldwide sales. Thus, the 4K videos will be exhibited in the two largest Chinese airports from the start.

What does a 4K resolution offer to the viewer of this art?

Bertrand Scache: The full UHD characteristics, as described earlier with increased resolution, wider color gamut, higher dynamic range, and so on, are all about viewer experience. The curated artworks will provide poesy, smooth atmosphere and also stunning moments. All this needs (a) nuance in the colors, immersion in the image, great dynamic to capture the attention of the viewer.

In these lounges, travelers are passing by the screen, and not actively viewing an exhibition as they do when visiting a museum. So we have to give them something never seen before, outstanding, both in terms of artistic intention and graphical esthetic.

Digitalarti will first be selecting three artists from among a panel of participating artists that they work with, as well as with new artists discovered in recent months. The company continuously curating new artists worldwide and for this current selection, there is an important participation of American, European and Asian artists.


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