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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Digital Cameras Take Great Pictures

The 1960s saw a technology explosion that brought picture-taking into the forefront of the American psyche. Brands like Minolta and Canon vied with established icons like Nikon and Leica to put high quality, optically superior single lens reflex (SLR) 35mm film cameras into consumers hands. That was then now even the simplest point and shoot camera has better quality than the cameras back then, plus a digital image that can be seen right away. But because a cell phone is convenient, its built-in picture-taker is taking the limelight away from the stand-alone camera. But if capturing images is important to you (be they personal memories, holiday events, sports or whatever), then you are doing yourself a disservice if you dont have a stand-alone camera. Heres why.

The Zoom
Being able to zoom closer to what you want to shoot is often a necessity. Digital zooming may seem good, especially since the amount of it can be huge (i.e., 20X), but lost in all this is the simple fact that the image being shot is losing resolution big time. Thats why having a camera with optical zoom is better: because theres no loss in the quality of the image.

Higher Resolution
Everyone knows that the higher the megapixel, the bigger the image that can be blown up from the digital picture taken. Whats not so well known is that the larger sensor that gives you this MP resolution also pulls in more light and provides for better color renderings. This is not inconsequential and is a factor in the quality of video shot by the camera versus that of a cellphone too.

Extreme Closeups
Also known as macro shots, a digital camera can get much closer to the subject (as in less than an inch close).

Storage Options
Most cellphones dont allow for huge storage, and with all the other stuff thats being kept on the phone, its too easy to quickly run out of space for shooting pictures. Digital cameras eschew internal storage for memory cards, and these not only can hold huge amounts of data (like 16, 32, 64GB) but can also be quickly swapped out for another card when they are filled.

More Control
A digital camera gives you a lot more control over how the picture is to be shot than a cellphone camera does for example, the resolution of the shot. Most cellphones shoot their pictures shoot with a single resolution, time after time. Digital cameras dont play that game, because their menus allow control over this as well as a whole lot more involving the lighting and color and focus taking place.

No Camera Shake
Taking a picture requires the camera to be held securely. A digital camera is made for being held and for the shutter button to be pressed without causing vibrations that shake the camera. Its a lot harder to hold a cell phone steady to take a picture in comparison. Additionally, digital cameras feature optical/sensor-based image stabilization which maintains the level of the resolution cellphone cameras use digital-based stabilization and, just as noted above for zoom, this degrades the quality of the picture that is to be taken. And if you want to use a tripod or monopod, the digital camera has the socket right there cellphones dont (unless youve paid out more $ for a special case that has one built-in).

Accessory Lenses
Digital cameras, with the exception of some of the lesser (point and shoot) models all feature lens interchangeability. This gives you a wide range of shooting angles to meet your needs: from portraiture to sports to whatever comes across in your life. Cellphone cameras are limited to a single built-in lens and even if you have access to accessory lenses (requiring a special case to hold the phone and lens in most cases), its never going to be the same in the sense of the quality between the lens and the additional ones now being added.

Having a camera at hand means that you are always ready to capture the important moments of your life. Having a camera that doesnt hold you back is just as important, and thats where digital cameras come in.

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