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Monday, November 30, 2015


For the longest time the biggest innovations to a television was found inside: increasing the resolution of the display panel, enabling WiFi video streaming, all of these didn’t catch the eye until after the TV had been turned on. But walk into a room and find the TV having a curved screen — BOOM! Every eye is drawn to it because it stands out and makes the room look amazing. That occurs whether the curved screen TV is on a cabinet or wall mounted too (wherein a professional installer, like Just One Touch, can help to create a seamless integration between TV and wall).

A curved television, especially one with a big screen, will dominate the room its in — which is a good thing since getting immersed in what’s being displayed requires grabbing hold of your attention. There’s good reasons for why that curved display should be in your living room, den, bedroom or — wherever. Here they are:

One of the most annoying things when watching a TV is seeing reflections on the display — they can come from a nearby window, a light fixture or a lamp or other things. Making the room totally dark can eliminate that, but it’s not reasonable to do (not to mention it could be dangerous for people moving through the room or nearby). A curved TV screen by its very nature will block glare — it does so because it’s not flat — so right away and without doing a single thing the picture can be improved upon that of a flat screen.

Physics dictate that an object in the center of a flat panel display will appear to be larger and so draw the eye more so than objects at the ends. This effect doesn’t stand out until it’s noticed, but then it’s almost impossible to ignore. A curved TV screen reduces this distortion because of its physical characteristics — those who love sports will quickly see the benefits.

A fancy way the above is of saying that when you have a group of people watching a TV (say on a couch, for example), there will always be those who are not sitting “dead center.” So while the person at the middle gets all the benefits of the brightness and colors at their best, those at the ends who are looking at the TV will suffer in comparison. But a curved TV screen condenses the issue and makes the viewing angle “wider” for all those who are looking at it. That’s a really, really good thing.

And probably the most important is just how much the overall “look” of the curved screen contributes to the grand movie theater experience — after all, a home theater can’t compete with going to the movies if the display being watched isn’t large. Seated in front of the big screen at the proper distance, the picture will fill your field of view and create that highly immersive sense that makes watching such an adventure (this is something the installer can help with, not just as it relates to how far back you need to be from the TV but also the seating  you are using). So now could be the best time to treat yourself to the large, curved view of a modern high-resolution TV. Everyone in the family will thank you for it — including yourself.


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