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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


“Bigger is better” is an old cliche but is still a valid one. Ever since flat panel TVs took over from cathode tube models, the size of the picture that someone could have at home has been getting bigger: 40” flat panel TVs became a norm for a while (replacing the 19” tube model), but that was many years ago. Today’s TVs come in much larger sizes, with 60” or 65” or 70” models or even larger as readily available as 50” or 55” ones are. And the same features from a major brand that is found on a smaller TV are of course there on the larger models — so you aren’t sacrificing anything by getting a big screen TV. Considering that the cost of a big display is minor compared to what it was just a few years ago, why wouldn’t you go large? Here are some of the reasons that BIGGER is indeed, BETTER.

Today’s movies are filled with things to look at and which can be found from one side of the screen to the other. If all there was to see was two people standing together at the middle of the screen, nobody would care what size the TV was. But to see all that there is you used to have to go to the movie theater because of the size of the silver screen. Now you don’t — providing that you have a big screen TV to look at. The larger size “draws” you into what is going on and takes you out of your world and into the reality of what is being played. All of which is a direct result of the bigger screen that you are now looking at.

A big screen TV physically means that the picture being watched is larger, but it wouldn’t be worth anything without the high-resolution factor. A HDTV or 4K TV provides a significantly improved picture over what was available just a few years ago and enables you to see sharp and highly defined objects and detail in shadow areas that used to be just blobs. Add an improved color palette that makes colors bold and bright — and blacks more black than ever before — and the overall image can be overwhelming in just how good it looks. All of which is pumped up like a car’s supercharger, thanks to the bigger screen size.

A big TV attracts attention and can make the living room or bedroom stand out in a way that no small TV can. There are of course, all kinds of furniture that can be used for displaying a large TV, but because it doesn’t weigh anything like the old tube models (or even flat panels from a few years ago), why not mount it onto the wall to conserve space and add a real touch of class? Mounting can be done by yourself, or by having a professional installation service like Just One Touch do it for you. Using professional installers also means you don’t have to worry about the wiring or cables inside of walls or any of the building code issues—this applies equally to home owners, condo owners and renters.

We’d like to know what you think of watching on a large screen TV. Does it make everything look better when you’re watching at home? What are the advantages that made you want to get one?

My wife and I like to go to the movies because the big screen sucks you in and makes everything seem more than real. Because the screen is so big it doesn’t matter that we’re not sitting right up close to it. At home we also don’t sit so close to the TV, but we feel like we have to. That’s because the TV’s picture has never been large enough to capture us like the movie screen does. But getting a 70” TV changed all that — but first I have to say that we’d never have even considered it if the cost wasn’t so reasonable, compared to just a few years ago when the large sized TVs were out of our price range. Since that’s no longer true, we were able to replace the TV in the living room with the 70” which gave us all the advantages of going to the movies at home: a great big picture that draws us right into whatever is being shown on it. It’s the greatest thing.



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