Wednesday, December 04, 2013


You want the best electronics from Sony and Samsung and LG and others. But you also want the best prices - Video & Audio Center gives you both. It's time to turn ho-hum TV viewing into a theater-like cinematic experience. It's time to shop for the best deals, at the best prices at the best place in town - Video & Audio Center's Super Stores in Santa Monica, South Bay and Agoura Hills. Here's just a small sample of what's waiting for you to take home!

When you want to fill the room with a really, really big picture this Sharp delivers both in 2D and 3D with active glasses included. But it also dazzles no matter what is playing, thanks to its intense color and breathtaking high resolution. Built-in WiFi makes for simple access of Smart TV features, which utilize a dual-core processor for speed and multi-tasking. And the savings continue with the 80" and 70" models too.

Music lovers rejoice — this is the Soundbar you've wanted your TV to have! The nine-speaker amplified design connects through a single cable setup. It's complimented by wireless working through your home network for streaming all the music on Earth, with support for Internet radio too. Mount it on the wall or even place it flat on the TV table, it's time to hear what you've been missing.

The stunning high resolution curved display isn't the only standout feature of this Samsung; whiter whites, blacker blacks and dazzling colors all thanks to the richer and more realistic color palette that OLED offers. Voice and hand gesture control are matched by a quad-core processor that excels at multi-tasking, and Smart TV features even include a built-in pop-up video camera.


You've gobbled the Turkey, now grab hold of these deals on LG, Samsung, Sony and all the other names you know and love as only Video & Audio Center SuperStores can deliver. Come into one of the Super Stores (Santa Monica, South Bay and Agoura Hills) to see a veritable cornucopia of everything your home theater deserves. The low prices start now.

Get a REALLY big, high definition picture with all the color that makes for a vibrant and natural looking picture. Goodies you'd expect too: Smart TV features using the built-in WiFi, a dual-core processor that makes accessing menus and apps seamless, all in a thin design that highlights the picture, not the chassis.

Unleash the beats with a portable that means soaring highs and deep bass, whatever is being played. Connect with Bluetooth to eliminate wires, plug it in to an outlet or run it off 6 "D" cells to take it anywhere. Choose your favorite color: White, Black or Red.


Start with a picture that has 4X the high definition and richer color and more depth than any 1080p HDTV can do. And that includes 3D as well as 2D. For the ears, there's a superb audio system with deep bass. Smart TV features using built-in WiFi is just the start of the additions found in this 4K Ultra HD.


This is the high resolution display you want when watching movies like the Great Gatsby or Disney's The Little Mermaid. That's because the LED panel projects a level of detail with an enhanced picture quality and color range that excites on a big screen. Features include playing videos and music and photos off of USB. The 10-watt stereo speakers are also enhanced with Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse and SRS TheaterSound HD for optimized audio and simulated surround.

How can you complain about a sharp, high resolution LED panel that epitomizes Sony quality? Or makes 2D or 3D pictures look amazingly detailed? No complaints about Smart TV functions either — there's built-in WiFi and access to the Sony Entertainment Network, plus apps, a web browser and streaming premium sites like Netflix, among others. There's also an MHL input for seeing what's on a smartphone and USB for viewing photos or videos and listening to music.

This series 5 widescreen LED display gives you a natural and realistic high-def picture with bright and highly saturated colors. It is Energy Star V5.3 compliant. Features include a room sensor to adjust for ambient light indoors or outdoors, and ConnectShare Movie for viewing videos, photos and music off of USB.

Like Mighty Mouse, this 22 inch Samsung is small but powerful: the thin, Full HD LED display guarantees bold colors and sharp, high definition images. With ConnectShare Movie, videos, photos and music can be played off of USB; Dolby Digital Plus/Pulse optimizes TV broadcast audio and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 creates a surround sound experience from the built-in audio system.


Want to be immersed in the game or TV show? Then sit down and let this Samsung enthrall you with a high definition screen employing advanced backlight technology and ultra fast image processing. Of course color gets a boost too, thanks to color optimization and range expansion through Wide Color Enhancer Plus. Additions include Smart TV features (web browser, apps) via built-in WiFi, with camcorder videos and music libraries accessible right on the screen using ConnectShare. There are 10 watts of speaker power, with internal enhancements for improving mobile and Internet audio and for creating 3D sound without the need of additional speakers.

This sound bar takes the place of a TV's tiny speakers and sounds off with 120 watts of loud. For those with select Samsung TVs, both the bar and subwoofer can connect wirelessly (action scenes like the robots fighting in Pacific Rim without a sub isn't worth hearing). Audio settings enhance watching movies or sports and of course there's a gaming mode too. To play music from your iPhone/Android phone, use the built-in Bluetooth to stream wirelessly.

Family movies look best in high-definition: don't you want to see Mary Poppins or Despicable Me 2 with all the detail and best sound possible when they're available to buy on Blu-ray disc? This Blu-ray player has everything that your HDTV has been waiting for and even up-converts low resolution DVDs to enhance their look. And if you connect to a home network, there's access to Netflix, YouTube and Pandora.