Monday, October 06, 2014

Video & Audio Center Does it Again — Worldwide Launch of LG’s Organic LED (OLED) 4K Ultra HD Curved TVs

There's always a good reason to go to Video & Audio Center's Santa Monica Superstore - but the evening of October 2nd was even more special. That's because LG's Organic LED (OLED) 65" and 77" 4K Ultra HD Curved TVs were first revealed to an astounded audience consisting of both press and the public. The 65" LG Organic LED (OLED) 4K Ultra HD Curved TV was on a pedestal, with its back to the crowd. Shortly that would be rectified and it would be revealed. But first Tom Campbell, Video & Audio Center board member, Technologist and Industry pundit, gave the crowd a bit of background as to just why Organic LED (OLED) is such a groundbreaker technology. One that has to be seen to be understood.

This was followed by Joseph Akhtarzad, co-owner and President of Video & Audio Center, who addressed the crowd from his perspective of having introduced new and exciting technologies over the years. "Since LG's launch of the industry's first 84-inch 4K Ultra HD TV in our Los Angeles store two years ago, we've seen firsthand that consumers are hungry for the Ultra HD experience," he said. "But they've never seen anything like LG's unique marriage of OLED and 4K Ultra HD technologies. LG calls it the 'Future of TV,' and I agree."

Also present to interact with those attending was Thomas Lee, Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics USA., Mayer Akhtarzad, co-owner Video & Audio Center and the Honorable Mayor of Beverly Hills, Jimmy Delshad.

Finally came the time to reveal the 65" TV. As it swung around, the crowd was awed by a picture that made all those that came before seem hollow and tasteless. This did not change as eager viewers crowded closer for a better view. And to touch the side of the set to confirm what their eyes showed: that such a thin display was possible, no bezel, due to the single layer that Organic LED (OLED) technology provides. Because it doesn't need a backlight, as LCD displays do.

As LG's John Taylor, VP, Corporate Communications, and David Vanderwaal, Marketing Director, LG USA, made the rounds to confer with the crowd and answer questions, a closer inspection of the 65" LG on display provided visual reasons why Organic LED (OLED) is so superior: to begin, the 4K high resolution approaches that of looking through a window, rather than viewing a display on which images flow. There is also infinite contrast available, which enhances and makes colors "pop" for a brighter and more vivid image. Additionally, there is also absolute black — black in an image makes a difference between a picture being "strong" or "weak," and causing dark areas to go grey or have all detail disappear within them. But because the pixel structure of Organic LED (OLED) can literally turn a pixel on or off — you can get a black that is unmatched and yes, similar to that as to when the TV is turned off. That's pretty amazing but, more importantly, makes the image look amazing.

The evening was punctuated over and over again by just how astounding the LG Organic LED (OLED) display truly was. "Fantastic," "Amazing," "I've never seen anything like it" made you think that no one had ever seen a bright and vibrant high-resolution image before. But the truth is that no one has — that's how good these LG TVs are. Yes the tagline "Best TV Ever" is no hyperbole because seeing was believing and all those who saw knew that they were watching seeing something special.

As the evening progressed with sales of the 65" reaching into the teens, a couple of facts emerged. The first is that LG has created something truly special and unique in the evolution of the TV set. From TV tube to flat screen might have taken years, but now that these Organic LED (OLED) displays are here, all that has come before seems flat. That these LG Organic LED (OLED) 4K Ultra HD Curved TVs can be viewed in person is also special — there's no comparison between seeing these TVs or the picture they display with your own eyes. Leave it to Video & Audio Center to score another coup in making this available to the public.


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