Thursday, December 04, 2014

Choosing Your Best Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are great conveniences you get a speaker thats not only portable and wireless, but able to play streaming music from your smartphone, tablet or computer. But since not every Bluetooth speaker is the same, how do you decide which one will work the best for what you want it to do? Breaking them down into the following categories is a good way to do that, so lets be about it.

How “BIG” is Big?

Will the Bluetooth speaker be sitting on a desk or table? Or maybe its going to be on the night table by the bed? Regardless, it can be big enough to enjoy having large speakers because that takes up room and thats no problem if inside. And besides having stereo speakers, there can be an added subwoofer built-in to improve on and enhance the bass
But if the BT speaker is going to be taken to a friends house or moved from upstairs to the basement for a party and back again, it needs to be small enough to be easily carried or put into a pocket or knapsack when its time to travel. Do you need small or ultra-portable?

Indoor or Outdoor?

A Bluetooth speaker, like any electronic device, can be hurt by getting wet or getting dust or detriment inside. Or by falling and striking something hard. A Bluetooth speaker thats going to be used outside needs to protect itself and thats something that only happens when its made that way (unlike phones/tablets, protective cases for BT speakers dont happen).

An indoor BT speaker will be rugged enough to deal with the day-to-day problems found inside a house or apartment and can be used on a porch or patio with little concern and opens up the outdoor space to the same music that is being enjoyed inside. 

But if the speaker is going camping it had better tough enough to handle the weather, plus have safety tech built into its chassis to deal with any problematic environment. These outdoor speakers are rugged and made tough to handle whatever might come their way.

A Speaker That's More Than “Just” A Speaker

The great thing about Bluetooth and how it streams music is that it can be used for the speakers in other electronic devices that have speakers built in.

Sound bars are not restricted to only playing the sound from the TV they can let you stream music from your phone, tablet or computer out from these same speakers too. They are less portable as speakers, but still can be moved as needed when necessary and offer added features combined with the speakers and Bluetooth as well.

Music is an important part of our lives and there'sno reason why we can't be listening to what we want, whenever we want, wherever we want. With a Bluetooth speaker, that all becomes true.


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