Monday, January 12, 2015

Video & Audio Center Receives Top Award — Hardware Retailer of the Year

The public wants, and expects, all sorts of consumer electronics — from those used in their homes to those found in cars to those being carried around in pockets, purses and knapsacks. But being able to SEE this influx of ever-new technologies isn’t as easy as it once was, due to the lack of retail outlets where the products can be presented. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) should award Video & Audio Center the prestigious honor of being the Hardware Retailer of the Year — anyone who has ever gone into a Superstore knows that means being surrounded by the latest technologies. But the award means more than just that. But first what was seen that day.

It was quite an honor — more than 400 of the top motion picture and consumer electronics industry elite gathered to pay homage in Las Vegas, flanked by press media that came from every point of the globe;  Joseph Akhtarzad, Video & Audio Center co-owner being joined by Senior Technologist, Tom Campbell. Akhtarzad said: “Im so proud to receive this prestigious award acknowledging Video & Audio Centers leadership in launching new technology to the world for over 30 years,” while Campbell pointed out that “major manufacturers have come to rely on Video & Audio Center to launch meaningful, new technologies first to the nation, and to the world. It is most gratifying that DEG has given their top recognition to Video & Audio Center for this achievement.”

What the award means is recognition of the ability of Video & Audio Center to provide a first-hand, first-look at new technologies as they are being birthed. Not weeks or months later but right at the front of the stage where they can be stared at good and hard. Want examples?

How about the first 4K Ultra HD TV?

Or the first Organic LED TV?

Or…but the point is made. Consumers are able to get close and see the excitement that otherwise would only be available in print or on a computer/phone/tablet screen. And to make a direct connection with that product in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Perhaps the cliche, “Seeing is Believing” should be changed to “Seeing is Understanding.”

To further this aim, Video & Audio Center makes sure that its staff — those the consumer interacts with — is fully trained to understand not just the “what” of the products but the why: how their use can benefit the one looking to take them home. That is an important component reflected in the company’s success and in their having received the award.

But perhaps even more important is that the philosophy behind Video & Audio Center furthers the consumer electronics industry in general: those products that otherwise might fall by the wayside due to a lack of an understanding from only being viewed “remotely” is nipped in the bud. Consumers become more learned through their interaction with the latest technologies when they are in a Video & Audio Center Superstore because it is in front of them — it’s something real and what it can do becomes for them real also. All this bodes well for furthering new technologies which will ultimately become the next standards for consumers to have.


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