Wednesday, April 29, 2015


So youre going to have your friends over to watch the biggest fight of the year the battle between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Watching sports at home is fun, but its even more fun when you have a bunch of friends over to watch with you.

But what good is doing that when everybody has to crowd in because the TV is too small sports demand a BIG SCREEN HDTV so that every action is right up in your face big time; and if your TV is too small for this BIG EVENT, Video & Audio Center has an economical answer to your problem that's sure to impress and give everyone at your party the best seat in the a giant screen HDTV—in sizes up to an amazing 85"—from Video & Audio Center for your viewing party!
Sports is all about fast moving action be that a basketball going for the hoop, a football flying through the air as players race to catch it or fist flying during a championship match. Having a big picture puts you right in the front, no make that the middle of the action and often this is many times better than being there in person because on the TV you can be up close and personal. And when others are watching with you, theres no shifting around to try and get the best seat for the TV the big picture is wide enough to accommodate everyone.

An HDTV has the kind of colors you want to see when watching sports bright and realistic and strong. Contrast levels, which play an important part in the realm between light and dark areas are also well defined with the 1080p image. Some big screen TVs even have exceptional levels of contrast that make what is being watched seem more lifelike than ever before.

An HDTV puts out a FULL HD image thats 1920 x 1080 pixels and its miles above what the old tube-TVs used to be able to do. This is a digital image that pulls in all the detail so you can see the sweat on a soccer players brow, the name on the ball, even the scowls of the referee with exacting detail. Why is this important? Because watching sports is more than just seeing an overall view of the field its about being able to see the details that are happening, as if you were seated there watching.
A big screen HDTV will make the difference when watching sports, regardless of what is being seen. And the same goes for watching movies and TV shows. Theres even big screen HDTVs that you can watch outside. And after everyone has gone home, then its your time to sit back and enjoy your big screen TV. So whether you are going to rent a big screen HDTV for that special event or looking to get a big screen HDTV to have at home for watching all the time theres never been a better time for watching sports at home.

Scheduling YOUR big screen HDTV rental—in sizes up to 85"—is as easy as making one phone call and letting the experts from Video & Audio Center find the best TV for your needs and arrange for delivery and professional set-up, it's as simple as that!

To schedule a big screen HDTV rental in time for the big match, or for any special event, call the Video & Audio Center Superstore nearest you.

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