Monday, May 04, 2015


Standing l-to-r:  Owner, Joseph Akhtrarzad; Sony’s Connie Schmidt and Philip Jones; and Corporate Director, Tom Campbell.
Video & Audio Center is known for offering the pubic a first look at the latest technologies -- but even so, it's rare that an operating system gets to go toe to toe with what makes things new and exciting. But that's exactly what happened when Sony decided to provide Video & Audio Center with the first look at their new line of Android TVs -- the 55" 4K Ultra HD TV being presented at the Santa Monica store and now is being offered to the public. A sleek and svelte chassis surrounds a brilliantly lit, high resolution 4K UHD panel with the level of contrast and color befitting having the name Sony attached to it -- but there's more.

Google's Android operating system works with this Sony TV (and others in the new line) to provide a unique interface that is both simple and efficient to use. Android is well known for its ease of use and clever, intuitive design. In a Sony collaboration, the latest Android system has been integrated with the Sony interface for control of the TVs menus and basic operations -- use Google Voice Search, for example. But that's not all. There’s also apps and games and Google Cast too.

It’s a whole new way of accessing media too because Sony's Android TVs also tie into use with smartphones and tablets in a sensible and simple manner that makes for both a fun and functional interface. Want to "throw" what's on your Android phone to the TV? Go ahead. What if you have an Apple device, like their iPhone? Then you use the built in Chromecast function that enables dozens of apps to be controlled and displayed on the TV.
Philip Jones, Manager, Product Technology and Training, Home Entertainment Group, Sony North America points out that their goal is to bring all of the devices people use (be that a smartphone or tablet) and integrate it with the TV. So no matter what you use as your main device, the TV will see and note it and work with it. Jones goes on to say that with 4K you are getting a higher quality image with wider color and better upscaling — and that is important when viewing streaming sources that traditionally have been inferior in quality to broadcast. But now with 4K and HDR coming to streaming ahead of broadcast, that’s where a 4K TV like Sony’s Android TV line can excel and provide a quality image the viewer can enjoy.

There's an old saying: seeing is believing. With the Sony 55" Android TV (or the accompanying 65” or 75”), seeing is not only believing but exciting as well. Video & Audio Center is proud to present the Sony Android TV lineup at their Santa Monica Superstore and availability is right now. Come in and see why these Sony Android TVs should be your next TV. Your eyes will thank you.


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