Thursday, June 18, 2015


When flat panel TVs appeared on the scene, the first thing that anyone noticed was how thin and svelte they looked when compared to a TV tube model. Then special features began to crop up actually they exploded as enhancements to watching television changed. This brought us apps like the TV was a mobile phone or tablet, streaming capabilities for watching movies and TV shows when our schedule found it most convenient (Without having to physically have a disc player) and even ways to emulate a computers web browser for viewing things online. But to have all of this work correctly, there also had to be an operating system (OS) that could handle everything the TV was capable of doing efficiently and effectively. And it was here that the flat panel was lacking, because the OS seemed to be cobbled together. Until now, because the Android TV operating system is designed to take whatever the TV can throw at it and make it perform.

As built into the latest generation high-resolution TVs, Android TV is an integral part of the TV and has cutting-edge features built in. These features make it stand out and are worth knowing more about. So lets do just that.


An Android TV knows that theres more going on than just watching broadcast television or cable. Because of this, it can exercise a more precise control to deliver what the person watching the TV wants to do or see. Take apps like YouTube or Hula Plus, for example. Previously all you could do was access them and then search for what you wanted to see. But now these apps will put up personalized recommendations for videos or TV shows or sports right on the home screen because theyre working for you.


Scrolling through menus is a chore and entering words or phrases for searches or to get information can make you tear your hair out. Rather than waste precious time, just speak into the remotes microphone and tell it what youre looking for: comedies set in New York, for example or asking what the forecast is for later in the week sure, you can do that now. Theres nothing like using your voice to streamline what you are looking for and thanks to this OS, your Android TV will show you everything relating to what you have commanded because it gives you the power of Google Search.


We all have a lot of devices and lots of things on them that could benefit from the big TV screen. No wires to connect or complicated setup programs to follow, if you want to cast music or a show or a movie or games youre playing to the TV, go ahead and do it. Got a Mac or PC? Go ahead. How about iOS (Apple) or Android phones or tablets? Sure. Chromebooks arent left out either. And in those cases where a device like Chromecast might be needed to make it happen for some devices, well it doesnt hurt if thats built right into the TV (actually the Google Cast technology that Chromecast is composed of).


Android TV includes access to Google Play and that means tons of games. But that also means you can start playing a game on your phone and then continue it on the TV if you want, because Google Play Games saves progress on  your Android phone, tablet and TV. Or start up a multi-player game and grab some friends (up to 4) and pass out gamepads, Android phones/tablets so you can get into some serous head-to-head gaming. Plus you can play PlayStation 3 games directly on some Android TVs too (no console needed). And the high-res graphics will look splendid on the big screen TV for sure.

One of the important things to remember is that Android TV is an interface and so will be found on more and more TVs moving forward. But we think the important thing to remember is that Android TV makes watching TV more fun.


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