Friday, October 16, 2015


Everybody laments the past and praises the present at least when it comes to electronic devices. And theres no denying that TVs today are infinitely better than the old tube-models of the past. But where can you see the latest models be they 4K TVs, Curved TVs, Android TVs, OLED TVs when theyre at best placed in stores where its up to you to read what theyre all about on placards written by folks who have no idea what they are talking about?

Thats why a Grand Opening Event is so exciting because its a chance not just to see the latest and greatest electronics of so many kinds, but also stand amidst personnel who know what they are talking about who know the questions you are asking and can answer them for you with precision and detail and a depth of knowledge that is so rare to find today. And if the makers of the tech (TV and otherwise) are there to answer questions, well then you dont have to worry that youre not going to get the answers you need to make the choices you want to make.
So now that youre excited about all this, where do you go? To the Grand Opening for the latest Superstore The Village at Westfield Topanga, thats where. Its on Oct 22nd but you need to RSVP first, so go ahead and click

Why do this? Because its such a big event that youre sure to see what youve been looking for when it comes to your home theater and lifestyle. Events often have special pricing on the latest tech and this event is no exception. Events like this also have prizes and giveaways that are just cool to see, to have, to tell others you got just because you were there.

Theres also nothing wrong with admitting that being able to enter a lottery or contest at an event means the possibility of winning something. But unlike those venues where a pen or set of coasters is as good as it gets, at a Grand Opening like the one Video & Audio Center will be hosting Oct 22nd, theres the chance for winning a TV and not some old model that nobody would want, but a state-of-the-art HDTV that is worth buying in its own right. Only its free for the winner. And while its true that only one person can win, if the event offers this prize hourly rather than just once as is the case with this Grand Opening Event this gives you much better odds. But the real good thing about all this is that if you win, youre getting something that you can not only use but which will bring a quality result to your home theater (i.e., its worth having and definitely worth watching).

And okay, lets admit it when theres food and drink provided gratis (as in free), which is the case with this event, well thats just pleasant all around, right?

Last but not least, attending a Grand Opening can be just plain fun watching a worldwide press conference, seeing a Ribbon Cutting ceremony and hanging out while being surrounded by the latest and greatest TVs and electronic devices, drones and wearables all this giving you a chance to get up close and personal with them (try doing that on a smartphone or web browser!). Thats why it makes sense to RSVP for an event as HUGE as The Village at Westfield Topangas Oct 22nd event will be.

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