Thursday, May 26, 2016


Portable speakers have exploded in use over the last few years -- helped along by streaming audio through mobile devices. The end result has been a wide array of features that can be chosen and used and which are uniquely suited to specific environments Here are some examples of where these features will have the most impact when in use in and around one's house or apartment.

The Kitchen
Contrary to popular belief, the living room is not where people spend the most time -- or frequent many times in the course of a day. That would be the kitchen and for the obvious reasons -- the refrigerator is there and so too are all the dishes and cutlery and utensils needed when preparing food. But because so much time is spent doing this, having a portable speaker putting forth music makes excellent sense -- especially since it is easy to listen while doing things with a knife which would be a lot more dangerous if a portable TV was there instead. And since a portable speaker can stream audio from a smartphone or tablet, it's not necessary to have that smartphone or tablet right there in the kitchen itself but only nearby, thanks to the 30+ range of Bluetooth. This avoids the slightest of possibilities for the phone to get damaged from heat from the range or juices from the food or anything else that is going on in the kitchen

Requirements for a Kitchen Speaker:
  • Water-resistant (against splatters)
  • Stereo (for compelling audio)
  • Loud Volume (for being heard over the sizzling of bacon, etc.)

The Bathroom
The bathroom sees its fair share of time from everyone in a household. Having a portable speaker can break up the monotony of the time spent there, not to mention providing some much needed background when one has been enlisted for cleaning duties. The speaker needs to have a small "footprint," which is to say its base should be as small as possible since counter space is more limited than the kitchen is. Another type of speaker that fits well here merges a makeup mirror with the speaker so as to accomplish both tasks together in one place, saving space.

Requirement for a Bathroom Speaker
Vertical construction (saving space)
Moisture-resistant (against the aftereffects of a shower)
Docking capabilities (for providing a place for the mobile device to "live" during use -- otherwise Bluetooth can keep it connected with the streaming audio device outside the room)

The Basement/Attic/Laundry Room
Spaces like the basement or attic tend to be unfinished and boring, which is why so much time is spent trying to liven them up. A simple way to make spending time in them more enjoyable is through a portable speaker. Because there's usually enough room, the speaker can be larger and allow for working through the AC electrical outlet, instead of having to rely solely on battery power — although using battery power is fine too. Those using these spaces for DIY projects will find playing music in the background more soothing and perhaps as an aid against exclamations when the hammer hits the wrong appendage. And for those who have to wait next to their washer in order to put the bleach in at the proper time, having a portable speaker to break up the boredom can only be a good things.

Requirements for a Basement/Attic Speaker:
  • Large speakers (for room-filling sound)
  • Integrated handle (for ease of moving it around)
  • Docking capabilities for the mobile device being used to stream audio

Playing music outside one's home helps to extend the home past all its walls. These speakers can be self-contained, running off of batteries or AC outlets or even integrated with floodlights for screwing into light sockets to provide both light and music. There are even speakers which provide their own light -- in some cases just for making an entertaining light show but in other cases to function as a flashlight equivalent. For those with swimming pools, a speaker that is waterproof is obviously required, but having it float as well means being able to use it in the pool while the smartphone/tablet stays high and dry. And having a long-lasting battery means that you're not restricted to only being able to use it for short bursts of time.

Requirements for a Backyards/Porches/Balconies Speaker:
  • Weather-resistant
  • Colorful (so as to stand out)
  • Multi-functional (providing additional features useful when outdoors)

Portable speakers have changed how we listen to music, by making the places where we can listen increase many times over. Add to that the fact that the speakers have also changed to accommodate all the places they can be used and it's no wonder that music is such a big part of everyone's life today.


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