Friday, August 12, 2016


Video and Audio Center is long known for being the first to introduce the latest and most far reaching technologies — but for those attending the world-wide premier of Sony’s first MASTER LED — the Flagship Z9D Series 4K HDR Ultra HD TV — the excitement began to build long before the TV was turned on. What would Sony do next? How would this new 4K UHD TV surpass expectations? Those attending the debut at The Village at Westfield Topanga Superstore are about to find out. That’s because Sony chose Video & Audio Center to host the exclusive debut of the Z9D Series 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs. That’s not all though. Unlike other presentations, the 65” MASTER LED 4K UHD TV is not only being put on display to be viewed up close and personal, but it’s available to be taken home right there, right now by anyone coming to the store.

Tom Campbell, Chief Technologist, handles the presentation in his usual inimical fashion: he introduces Mike Fasulo, President and COO of Sony Electronics. Fasulo greets all those attending and invites the crowd to better understand just how much time, effort and considerable resources Sony puts into creating a TV whose only purpose is to replicate the real world for the living room. Also present are Joseph Akhtarzad and Mayer Akhtarzad, co-owners of Video & Audio Center. They regale the crowd with stories of how V&AC has always been at the forefront of technologies for entertainment and enjoyment — noting the many luminaries and celebrities who have visited V&AC throughout the years to see for themselves the latest technologies which couldn’t be seen anywhere else.

Suddenly the crowd falls silent as Sony’s Philip Jones, Product Technology Manager, takes over the microphone and begins to explain just how advanced the Z9D Series 4K HDR Ultra HD TV truly is — as everyone watching can now see that this is no ordinary image. “This is a new class of television that gives you advantages that you can’t get on any other LCD television,” says Jones. “Before you had Full Array Local Dimming, it was zone based, but that’s not what this is. Jones points out that before you had a group of LCDs behind or to the side of the television and they were controlled in groups (“zones”). But in the Z9D series, not only have the number of LEDs been increased substantially, but each LED can be dimmed individually. “So you get a tremendous amount of control over the backlighting,” he adds.

This control translates into where each LED is highly focused — it’s like comparing a floodlight to a spotlight. The results are what you see immediately: you now get very dark areas that compare well to that of OLED’s imaging, but here you also get very bright areas where there’s much more brightness. That brightness is translated into color. Color that looks more rich and saturated — for example, gold looks like gold, jewelry shimmers and neon has that neon “look” instead of being washed out. So the viewer is experiencing amazing black levels and more dynamic and richer colors that make the image more lifelike, more immersive and definitely more of a joy to watch.

As the crowd continues to push their way closer to see this amazing picture which takes 4K resolution and HDR technologies to a whole new level for the 65” and 75” models, it’s once again pointed out that this exclusive debut is not confined to merely “looking,” because the 65” Z9D Series 4K HDR Ultra HD TV is in-stock right now. This galvanizes some to reach for their wallets so that they can take home and enjoy the astounding picture that the Sony Flagship Z9D Series 4K HDR Ultra HD TV provides.


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