Friday, September 02, 2016


Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to head inside and pull the blankets out of the closet. A backyard makes a great place to have friends and families over for one last night out without the hassles of traffic going somewhere or crowds of people you don’t know getting in your way. Plus there’s the advantage of having access to the snacks and drinks without emptying out your wallet. But there’s got to be entertainment and that’s where today’s electronic devices come in. Entertainment — coming up!

When it comes to playing videos on a mobile device, the bigger the screen the better when there’s more than just one person watching. A tablet gives you a bigger screen — smartphone screens too tiny for more than one person to watch comfortably — and pulls in the WiFi signal from the house’s wireless home network. The speaker’s are bigger too, although it’s pretty easy to sync the tablet with a portable Bluetooth speaker for greater volume and clarity.

But there’s another way to have a big screen outside — have a big screen TV outside. But not just any TV, because most televisions aren’t built to handle the outside environment. SUNBRIGHT’s series of outdoor LED TVs are designed for permanent installation outside and can handle anything Mother Nature can throw at it. But best of all, the screen is designed to be bright and the picture high resolution so everybody can enjoy watching it. 

Talking, dancing, laughing — music can get people doing all kinds of things, because it’s more than just background music. Having a “band” in the backyard is a lot easier because of mobile devices — everybody is carrying their music around with them. But the tiny speakers on phones or tablets won’t cut it, so that’s where Bluetooth portable speakers come in. These portable speakers vary in size and volume, but they all share the convenience of being easy to carry around and free of cords because they’re battery powered and work wirelessly. Some are even so waterproof that having them next to the pool is a no-brainer. There’s even those that look like the boomboxes of the past and so can play CDs (remember them?) or even the radio. Choose a portable speaker to gather everybody around, or place a few at different places in the backyard and let everybody become their own D.J. — it doesn’t matter because the results will be a great party.

Having a Good Time
The final thing that you must have for a successful backyard party is food and drink. But before you had to be careful not to get your hands greasy or spill on the speakers. This is because the way you can watch and listen outside has changed from the ways of the past — the electronic devices that bring on the fun are made to handle the great outdoors. Better yet, they’re made to handle the great people that will make your backyard the envy of your neighbors (if they haven’t already come over).


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