Thursday, September 08, 2016


Here’s one reason not to be sad that summer is over — the new TV shows are starting soon, with old favorites returning to answer their cliffhangers from months ago.

But getting excited about watching TV is one thing — being prepared to see it at its best is another. That’s why it’s important to reassess how you watch TV and make the changes needed in order to get the best results. 


It’s a given that today’s televisions are thin and attractive. This makes them easy to set up because they can be placed on a cabinet or wall mounted. But it’s the resolution of the TV’s screen that is the most important — unlike TVs of the past that used tubes, today’s televisions have a higher resolution. This allows for more detail to be seen, for example the fine lines on a person’s face, as well as having a higher color palette for displaying more colors with greater shading. Add to that the ability to display deeper blacks that still can be “seen into” and it’s no wonder that getting a high resolution TV is an obvious choice for anyone today.

Screen size is also important— and not just because the larger the screen the more of what is being played can be more easily seen. Few homes have just one person watching a TV, and jockeying for position on the couch or chair so as to have the best “seat” is a battle that doesn’t need to happen. By having a large screen size, the TV becomes easier to watch for everyone.


The speakers in a TV are fine for casual listening, but when it’s time to pump up the sound and let the big noise out — you need a separate loudspeaker system that not just physically compliments the TV, but is easy to set up and use. That’s where a sound bar comes in; it’s designed to sit in front of the TV without blocking the screen, or can be mounted beneath the TV (should the TV be mounted on the wall — something that can be done yourself or through the aid of a professional installer (such as Just One Touch).

Since a sound bar is completely self contained — it has the speakers, the amplifier to drive the speakers and the electronics to make it all work. Also there’s no messy set of cables that have to be wired to the TV — just a single connection between TV and sound bar is all that’s needed to bring out the sound loud and clear, especially as to dialogue and people speaking and of course in total sync with what is being seen.

Another great thing about a sound bar is that many of them include a subwoofer to provide for a deep and powerful bass to improve upon the already superior sound quality (a must for action movies and those loud explosions). This subwoofer connects automatically to the sound bar wirelessly, and so can be placed pretty much anywhere in the room without concern (like a corner wall or even behind or under a couch). And as an added bonus, a sound bar also offers the opportunity for playing music from a mobile device through Bluetooth wirelessly.

Upgrading how you watch TV at home will result in a better viewing experience — not just for watching TV shows, but also when watching movies or wanting to see digital pictures and videos that you’ve taken. What could be better than that?


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