Thursday, December 29, 2016


Everybody talks about having New Year’s resolutions that are supposed to make life better. But if you want your home theater to really shine in 2017, then it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution to update how you watch and how you listen so as to have the best experience possible.

The Television

The flat panel TV changed how we watched television by bringing a widescreen image into the home. This was later accompanied by the Full HD resolution that blew away ordinary tube-based TVs to add detail and more colors to the images being displayed. Now there are 4K televisions which have 4X HDs resolution to really bring the movie theater home. Add being able to have a curved 4K TV or an OLED 4K TV and the choices for which television will best suit your needs and decor are huge. As is the ability to get a really big TV that can take over a wall, if you don’t want it standing on a cabinet in the living room or bedroom.

The Sound System

Sound always accompanies a picture, and to make the home theater experience exciting the sound has to be vibrant and loud. The bad old days forced viewers to listen to their TV’s speakers and that was that. But today there are many more choices: you can set up a sound bar in front of the TV which has all of the speakers inside a single chassis or which combines with a wireless subwoofer or which has new technologies to enhance the sound even further; you can connect an AV Receiver to a series of stand-alone speakers to create surround sound; you can even connect a pair of wireless headphones for private listening for those times when having it loud just won’t fly. Any of these choices will provide a powerful sound field to make watching even more enjoyable.

The Playing of Content

Streaming a movie may seem convenient,  but for the confidence of being able to play what you want whenever you want, having your own movie library can’t be beat. DVD players and Blu-ray players are now commonplace. But should you want to watch 4K movies on your 4K TV, you’ll need a 4K Blu-ray player, which is backwardly compatible and able to up-convert non-4K discs to make them look even better.

The Seating

Piling up on the couch is an easy way to get everybody together to watch (and less a problem now since today’s TVs have wider viewing angles), but investing in studio seating chairs is worth considering if comfort is your goal. These seats are designed for home use and make a Lazy-Boy look weak. They even have cup holders. Another route is to look at specialized “gaming” chairs which are also designed to bring comfort to those planning to sit for hours at end. Having special chairs for your home theater also makes the time watching seem more special too, and to do this right it might be wise to get in touch with a professional installation company, for example Just One Touch, to help you get and set things up just right. 

The Lighting

Movie theaters may seem to be absolutely dark, but they’re not and your home theater shouldn’t be either. Look to small LED lights that can be placed strategically throughout the home theater so as to minimize glare while providing discrete pools of illumination. After all, people will need to get to the kitchen for more snacks during movie-time, so making sure there’s no accidents is important.

Making New Year’s resolutions is good, but making your home theater the go-to for you and your family is better. 


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