Friday, March 17, 2017


Samsung knows TVs and they know that technology must serve a purpose and satisfy a need. That was the whole reason behind the WorldWide Premiere of Samsung’s HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TVs at Video & Audio Center’s Superstore in Woodland Hills.  And why a huge crowd gathered before, during and after the presentation so as to see for themselves the unrivaled, realistic picture made possible by a billion unique colors created by Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Dots. The QLED TVs deliver perfect color with more than a billion shades and 100% color volume; they deliver elite contrast and expanded color detail, even in the brightest and darkest areas in any scene; outstanding blacks, bringing new life to dark scenes; a wide angle viewing, where color stays true from any perspective, so every seat is a great seat. Plus more features, including the Samsung Smart Hub for accessing favorite apps, content and sports.

The Quantum Dot technology is an amazing leap in displays for a number of reasons, not the least being the a new metal shell and core that increases light efficiency and stability, delivering optimal brightness and achieving — for the first time — 100% color volume. This makes for a better image with fine detail and a level of brightness and contrast that needs to be seen to be believed. But there's more — when a family sits down to watch a QLED TV, some family members are forced to sit to the side. Then with conventional TVs, the brightness drops down significantly for those not viewing from dead center — but with the QLED TVs, looking at the TV from an angle is no longer a horror. This terrible viewing restriction to viewing pleasure is gone.

Opening the presentation was Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad, co-owners of Video & Audio Center. They said that premiering new technologies at Video & Audio Center isn't new: Joseph Akhtarzad pointing out that this is where the latest and greatest electronics go to present themselves to the consumer. And Samsung continues this great tradition with the QLED TVs. With comments by Tom Campbell, Chief Technologist, Jorge Madrigal, Sr.Director Samsung, Brian Garland, Executive Dir. 20th Century Fox, Dan Freeman, Director of Sales Samsung and Amy Fife, Sales Manager Samsung and others, the crowd was treated to anecdotes and real knowledge as to why the QLED TV is a leap forward in viewing.

On display were 55", 65" and 75" models, both curved and flat, such as the curved QN65Q8C 65”, the QN55Q7F 55”, the curved QN65Q8C 65” and the QN75Q7F 75”. You could even say that the TVs "flew" off the shelves (the sets are light enough to be wall mounted, but no they don't come with wings), because 7 QLED sets (including a 75" model) were sold in the first hour that they were offered by the store. And by 5PM   23 QLED TVs had new owners who happily left the store so as to bring their new entertainment center home.


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