Monday, March 13, 2017

Sony New Flagship XBR A1E 4K HDR OLED TV's Deliver Revolution in TV Sound and Clarity!

Get ready for precise contrast, absolute black and a true revolution in TV sound as Sony prepares to release their new line of Bravia XBR A1E OLED TVs just introduce at this year's CES Show in Las Vegas. One major breakthrough that has everyone talking about is the dynamic advancement made in the sound that the A1E Series delivers. 
Sony has built the TV speakers directly into the glass display itself, projecting powerful sound from the entire display—eliminating the traditional spatial "disconnect" between image and sound while significantly improving the sound quality. Sony even built a sub woofer directly into the TV stand—enabling the screen to be incredibly thin and the design to be sleek and modern.
But its’ the picture that really shines with Sony’s new flagship A1E Series. Sony's OLED technology brings true reality to life with perfect blacks and deep, vibrant colors. In all, each of the over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the X1 Extreme™ processor giving Sony's A1E OLED TVs exquisite, unprecedented contrast, with previously hidden areas of dark shadow and bright highlights are now full of claity and detail.

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