Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Smart Home Automation not only takes your day-to-day home management activities away allowing you to relax or remotely control them, but also yields additional benefits in home energy savings. Over the past quarter of a century smart home automation systems have gone from high-tech curiosities to truly affordable and highly accessible modern home conveniences. True automation has become so simple and easy to operate, that just about anyone can take advantage of the features and conveniences that will help simplify their lives — in another 10 years, we will all wonder how we ever lived without them! So why is a "smart" home important? Here are the top ten reasons to make your home a smart home.

#1.) Save Money On Electricity
Using an automated Wi-Fi thermostat not only knows when it's the best time to turn on or off, but it can also be controlled remotely — as can turning on the hot water heater or the air conditioner while you're stuck in traffic so everything's nice and ready when you come home.

 #2.) Lighting Controls / On-Site or Remote
Lights can go on or off automatically, depending on whether you are at home or not and their intensity can be controlled independently as well, whether you're in the room, or another state.

#3.) Appliance Control / On-Site or Remote
Many home appliances can now also be controlled from a phone, instead of having to be there—with services ranging from turning on washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, etc., the list is endless and it keeps expanding every year.

#4.) Door/Garage Control / On-Site or Remote
No more keys bulging in a pocket or getting lost because a digital door lock just requires using a keypad or digital app activation. Besides being able to remotely lock/unlock the door, you can let others have permanent or temporary access to entering. The ultimate in home security/convenience.

#5.) Home Security Control / On-Site or Remote
Instead of having separate devices to protect a door or window, a "hub" can interconnect any/all security devices in the home. This enables automated reporting on what is going on whether you are at home or not through an app on your phone and even check door open/close times remotely as well to see who has entered and when.

#6.) Entertainment Control / On-Site or Remote
Play your favorite tunes in any room without having to turn on a music player, thanks to streaming the music from a mobile device or computer. Even have the music follow you from room to room, because the speakers work together or independently through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as you wish.

#7.) Surveillance Camera Control / On-Site or Remote
Personal Wi-Fi video cameras make it easy to keep an eye on your home and property — regardless of whether you're in another room or across the country. They even operate in the dark and can automatically record if movement is detected.

#8.) Fire Protection Control / On-Site or Remote
The noise from a smoke alarm will alert you if you’re at home, but what about when you’re not? A smart smoke alarm works through the Wi-Fi home network and can alert you through your phone no matter the time of day or where you might be.

#9.) Kitchen/Appliance Control / On-Site or Remote
Start the coffee maker going from your bedroom when you just get up with a tap on a phone. Or start the oven pre-heating while you're still driving home or check the status of the milk in the refrigerator. All this is possible because the kitchen devices are interlinked to you through the Internet.

#10.) Automated Cleaning Control / On-Site or Remote
No more pushing a vacuum cleaner when a robot is right there to takeover the task. Watch as it follows a path along the floor, cleaning as it goes until all the dirt is gone. Should it run low on power, give it time to return automatically to its charging station, recharge and then pick up where it left off.


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