Friday, January 05, 2018


Part of the fun of going to the movies is the movie theater itself — it doesn’t look like a living room at all. But just because you’re staying home to watch doesn’t mean your home theater has to be boring — why not make it fun? Here’s 5 ways you can turn a ho-hum home theater into something as entertaining as what you will be watching:

SIGNAGE AND POSTERS - Bare walls might make for a quiet environment, but why not liven it up with some movie posters?  There’s non-invasive ways to put these up on the walls, should it be only time for them when its “movie night” too. Or go for a “This is our Movie Theater” or a marquee with the family’s name on it or some other sign — maybe with neon glowing or LED backlighting? Let your imagination soar before you start watching.

MOVIE THEATER PROPS - Bring out a cardboard cutout of your favorite actor or a movie theater usher and place them in a strategic spot to show off before the  “movie” starts. Maybe a movie theater-themed clock to keep the time while also keeping the look of the theater. Or even a decorative table for holding the popcorn until its time to eat.

MOVIE THEATER SNACKS - If there’s anything that gets the taste buds going, it’s the wide array of candies and other foodstuffs that wait behind the concession counter. A quick trip to the grocery store will let you stock up on your favorites so that they’re ready when you are. Plus the price for indulging in hot dogs or piazza or other edibles will be significantly less. Your stomach wont know the difference.

LOOK, IT’S A POPCORN MACHINE - Okay, so microwaving popcorn is fast and convenient But a home popcorn machine with all the trimmings really impresses in the kitchen. And somehow makes the popcorn taste better too. Plus it looks cool.

HOME THEATER SEATS - no, there’s nothing wrong with sitting on a couch to watch a movie, but being in a cinema home theater seat (sort of a fancy specialized lazy-boy) is not only more comfortable but also safer for your living room (or wherever your home theater calls home). That’s because they have cup holders which, unlike you, never lose their grasp on what you’re drinking. There’s also a feeling of awesomeness when reclining because you know you’re in a seat whose only purpose is to let you watch with an unencumbered view of the “screen.”


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