Friday, February 16, 2018


Video & Audio Center has long been the go-to place for seeing the latest and greatest technologies available. Because you can get up close and personal and interact with TVs, drones, wearables, audio devices and so much more. Now there’s the latest Video & Audio Center Superstore — the new flagship showcase located in the Westfield Century City Mall.

Filled with interactive displays and “hands on” settings that make seeing, trying and enjoying new technologies so much more accessible than staring at a LCD screen, the store’s location is inviting and alluring. Entering the store is like entering a technology-laden Santa’s workshop — only you can come here anytime of the year and expect to be wowed.

This was true of those attending the recent Grand Opening. Among the luminaries paying homage were those from the Los Angeles Mayor’s office as well as notables from film, art and music. But that’s not to say that the world of technology wasn’t represented — it was and heavily represented. Presentations and accolades were made by Sony, LG, Samsung, Sonos, GoPro and many others — each pointing out the accomplishments that Video & Audio Center has made over the course of their storied history. And making these accomplishments by being the first to present new technologies that have since become common to the consumer. Taking a well deserved bow and accepting the accolades as industry leaders were Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad, co-owners of Video & Audio Center. Joining in the celebration was Tom Campbell, Corporate Director and Chief Technologist.

But the Grand Opening was about a lot more than just presentations. The store was filled with the latest TVs, audio equipment, speakers (both Bluetooth, portable and otherwise), flying devices and monitors worn on wrists as well as much, much more. Interspersed among the many displays were spokespeople willing and eager to point out the highlights of their company’s product lines. Just as the crowd was eager to be shown, to be told and to experience for themselves. 

Because that’s the takeaway from the Grand Opening — that Video & Audio Center is all about making technology accessible and understandable and available, so that intelligent and happy purchases can be taken home and enjoyed for years to come. Come and see the latest technologies for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


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