Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Imagine a forest appearing on your living room wall, with the relaxing images and sounds of nature enveloping the entire room—transforming your living space with beautifully detailed pictures and atmospheric sounds that blend in effortlessly with your surroundings, creating striking 4K visuals emerging on your walls and crystal clear sound filling every corner of the room.
OK, stop imagining.

...and no, this isn't the fantasy world of a Star Trek "HoloDeck" either.

Instead, stop into any Video & Audio Center showroom and ask someone to tell you about the latest quantum leap in projection technology surrounding the release of 2018’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (LSPX-A1) by Sony.

Through its’ admittedly elegant design and the combination of two unique innovations – Ultra Short Throw Technology and the Advanced Vertical Drive Technology of the Glass Sound Speaker – LSPX-A1 seeks to provide a truly transformative cinematic experience with large screen superb 4K images and amazing sound quality. Sony’s unique “glass speaker” drive technology, Advanced Vertical Drive Technology, devices attached to the end of the vibration plates send vertical vibrations in the direction that the sound comes out, thus emitting sound waves to produce clear tones.

The new 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector LSPX-A1 will transform your living environment with stunning 4K visuals and crystal clear sound while seamlessly blending into your living room with its furniture-like design. Life Space UX will continue to innovate and deliver “wow” moments like these”, says Hiroshi Saito, Deputy Division Head of TS Business Division, who leads the Life Space UX team in Tokyo.

Set up just 9.6 inches from the wall, the Ultra Short Throw technology of the LSPX-A1 provides up to 120” (dia.) of stunning image displayed directly on a wall with the high brightness of 2500 lumens laser projection. Utilizing Sony’s unique 4K SXRD™ projection and HDR technology, LSPX-A1 produces native 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) with unprecedented detail, color and contrast. Users can enjoy dynamic 4K picture simply by connecting to an expanding range of 4K streaming devices, 4K Blu-ray player and other 4K content providers.

By building on the technology behind the Glass Sound Speaker and elevating the audio by adding 4 more speakers, LSPX-A1 users enjoy pure sound throughout the entire room. Sony’s unique Advanced Vertical Drive Technology* from Glass Sound Speaker generates crystal clear high frequency sound in 360 degrees by vibrating the two organic glass tweeters installed on the front legs. The addition of dynamic bass produced from a separate subwoofer and three midrange speakers (left, right, and center) will fill the room with sound.  The center speaker, positioned in the rear of the device creates center vibrant audio by reflecting on the wall to elevate the sound field.

Don’t need state-of-the-art 4k? 

Relax, we’ve got you covered with Sony’s equally impressive LSPX-P1 Life Space model. Designed for uncompromising quality of image and sound, the LSPX-P1 projector casts images from 22" to 80". Ultra short throw technology ensures an incredibly bright, crisp picture at 720p resolution and 100 lumens of light output. With no lightbulb and no fan, the projector runs whisper-quiet—until you turn up the volume on the built-in 0.98" Bass Reflex Speakers with xLOUD technology.

Transform any wall or table into a photo album, a cinema screen or just a cool conversation piece. Easily carried from room to room. The LSPX-P1 projector’s clean design harmonizes with any living space. You can project content stored on your phone or tablet through the dedicated app, which serves as a remote control. Or connect your computer or TV to the accompanying wireless unit via HDMI and play movies or video from Blu-ray or the internet. The LSPX-P1 even turns on when it senses your phone nearby, and switches itself off when you’re not around.

Video & Audio Center has not only been recognized for our excellence and awarded annually by Sony, but we are also a Sony Authorized Dealer for everything as well, our motto: “If Sony Makes It, We Have It” has been a part of this company for all 37 years that we have been in business here in Southern California. So stop in today to any of our five LA-based locations (or visit us online) to see the very latest in Sony entertainment, office, and lifestyle technologies and maybe we can set you up so you can go where no projection TV has ever gone before!


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