Tuesday, May 29, 2018


In their review of SONOS first entry into the smart speaker arena, Engadget.com called the SONOS ONE “The best-sounding smart speaker you can buy,” and Video & Audio Center, this month named as Southern California’s #1 Video & Audio Installer of the Year for the 18th year in a row, and Authorized Sonos Dealer couldn’t agree more.
Engadget went on to say that “The (Sonos) Play:1 has been Sonos' best-selling speaker, and with good reason. It offers significantly better music quality than your average Bluetooth or smart speaker, at a reasonable price. It's also a great first step into a multi-speaker setup for your home. The Sonos One does all of that and adds voice controls without raising the price.” Pretty convincing words coming from one of the most-respected and authoritative sources of technology news and reviews.

The Sonos One is a voice-controlled smart speaker that users can ask Amazon Alexa to control right out of the box, and with full voice support for, among others, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, and TuneIn. Voice transport controls like pause, skip, volume up and down, and even asking what’s playing will also be available for all other music services Sonos supports. With Sonos One, owners can also use voice to control their entire Sonos home sound systems.

“We live in a golden age of streaming entertainment,” said Sonos CEO Patrick Spence. “But so much of this great content is being pushed through smart speakers that aren’t designed with sound quality in mind. With our open approach to collaboration, agnostic approach to voice services, the strength of our many innovative partners, and a sound platform designed for the whole home, we’re helping people listen more and listen better.”
Here are just a few highlights of the SONOS ONE Smart Speaker:
  • Designed from the ground up to deliver surprisingly rich sound from a speaker of its size.
  • Driven by two Class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, and one mid-woofer.
  • Includes a six-microphone array and an adaptive noise suppression algorithm to focus on the right person and ensure the voice service understands everything clearly.
  • Voice capture technology with echo cancellation allows the speaker to still hear you over the music. The volume also intelligently lowers, or “ducks,” when you speak to it so you don’t have to shout over the music.
  • The light on the speaker will be illuminated if the microphones are active.  The light is hardwired to the same circuit that powers the microphone array, so if the light is off, microphone is off too.
  • Owners can use Trueplay to easily tune Sonos One to sound great no matter where it’s placed in the home.
  • Sonos One is available in all-white and all-black matte finishes.
According to Sonos Sound Experience Leader Giles Martin, “There are many speakers out there that you can control with your voice, but most of them are just devices that make sounds, not systems designed for delivering great sound easily in any room of your home. We essentially blended three separate ecosystems with the ability to start the music playing with voice, add songs to your playlist from the Sonos app, and play music in a different room from your Spotify app – it’s so simple to use but took quite a bit of work to create.”
Founded in 2002, Sonos® creates the leading whole-home sound system. Once a tech startup populated with nerdy engineers and brilliant designers who love music, Sonos has grown into a global music brand dedicated to transforming the experience of listening out loud to music in the home. Its wireless home sound system makes it easy for everyone to listen to the music they love in every room of their home, and appreciate it all with the highest sound quality. Video & Audio Center is proud to be Southern California’s headquarters for all things Sonos, including “the best-sounding smart speaker you can buy.”


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