Monday, June 25, 2018


A few week's ago Video & Audio Center looked at Samsung's expansion of smart TV technology that's evolved the traditional refrigerator into an informational "Family Hub" and also how today's 2018 Samsung QLED TVs are more than simply TVs—how they’ve become a reflection of you and your family's lifestyle, and now thanks to Samsung's AMBIENT MODE, that's not only the case when their turned on!

Samsung has effectively said goodbye to the empty black screen, and whether you prefer seeing your own family photos, evocative art, or news/weather headlines, we at Video & Audio Center agree that Samsung’s Ambient Mode is an easy, entertaining and ideal way to transform your environment by making your TV the centerpiece, or simply having it completely fade into the background. 

According to Matthew Thackrah, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics South Africa, “What consumers want is art in the living room – a beautiful TV that fits seamlessly with their living space and furniture” and now in addition to Samsung models such as The Frame, which Video & Audio Center thinks personified the concept of television as art, they have taken the television and has made it as visible or invisible as suits your ever-changing needs.

Complete Your Home’s Design
You decorate your home to suit your life, and a TV should fit right in whether it’s on or on standby. Most TVs are a blank space, harshly contrasting against your clean walls. With Ambient Mode, QLED TVs display what you want to see, so you can decide how you enjoy your TV, even when you’re not watching.

The Simple Aesthetic Solution
Ambient Mode takes your QLED TV screen from black to color like a screensaver, blending it in with your TV wall design when your TV isn’t in use. The TV’s sensors adjust to different lighting to conserve energy and turn off after a preset amount of time. Activate it with the click of a button on your smart remote—you’ll just need SmartThings to set it up.

Hide Your TV in Plain Sight and "See Nothing Else"
When your QLED TV is on, you’re captivated by breathtaking picture; but when it’s off, you only see a thin frame as if it’s simply hanging on the wall. Once Ambient Mode is set up, you can enjoy a sleek rectangle d├ęcor that easily harmonizes with the room. And a TV wall mount like No Gap Wall-Mount keeps your TV hung close to the wall to conceal it even further. So your QLED TV is there when you need it and “disappears” when you don’t.

Interiors to Match Your Mood
But mimicking the wall is only the beginning. Make the most of Ambient Mode by changing your screen to reflect your mood with these three settings: 

Deco: Decorate your walls with elegant art skins. 
Info: Keep up with the time, weather, or news headlines.
Photo: Use memories from your gallery to create a digital picture frame. 

More settings mean even more ways to create a home that’s “you”. 

All it takes is a click of One Remote Control to transform your screen—and your home; and with Ambient Mode’s easy setup, your wall now becomes your canvas.

These exciting new changes come on top of the moves we discussed a few weeks ago in this very blog detailing Samsung’s efforts in utilizing today’s cutting-edge technologies to further integrate the television into a "Family Hub". 

We at Video & Audio Center wish you and yours a very happy and safe Fourth of July holiday, and if you feel the need to see some more fireworks, please stop into any of the five LA-based Video & Audio Center technology showrooms to see and experience the 2018 Samsung 4K QLED TVs—and the complete line of Samsung 4K HDR TVs— for yourself, or click this link and view them online.

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