Monday, September 24, 2018

Looking for That Competitive Edge? Samsung's QLED & HDR Technologies Will Make You A Better Gamer!

HDR Gaming Technology: The Background
According to recent article by industry buying source,, HDR technology is " of the best advancements in video game visuals in recent years, making for richer scenes than just 4K resolution alone can deliver,” and we at Video & Audio center couldn’t possibly agree more that's why we carry the latest gaming monitors!

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and is a format that offers a far greater luminescence range and vastly increased color space—allowing for much greater depth of field and realism. It is considered by industry experts to be a much greater technological leap forward in terms of the on-screen visual representation than 4K alone, and combining the two technology offers a users a gaming experience that truly represents the state-of-the-art in today’s gaming experience.
In fact, according to Alex Meer, senior editor at, “HDR is, for my money, a far more exciting display tech for games than is 4K, whose mammoth pixel counts often don’t truly come into their own unless you’re using an absurdly large TV. I know others – those who demand the sharpest possible image – will disagree, but I’ve found 4K simply pleasant rather than revelatory.”

“HDR though – if all the stars align – boosts the sense of depth and presence to games (and films) in a way there a mere pixel count cannot,” Meer continued. “It’s a tricky thing to describe, but alas even trickier to demonstrate unless you already have an HDR screen to hand, and if you do you’re probably the one boring everyone who doesn’t know what ‘peak brightness’ means to tears. What HDR does, in a nutshell for the uninitiated, is expand the range of brightness, contrast and color displayed, bringing it more in line with what the human eye can perceive. Brighter whites, darker blacks, more shades of color and, all told, you get a more true-to-life picture…”
But not all HDR TVs, game consoles, or even HDR games are created equally, in fact, different HDR TVs perform differently and could easily give one gamer a competitive advantage over another; for example the different performance rates of HDR screens in a racing game could give one driver the ability to clearly see which direction to turn before someone gaming on a different screen could even see it. With competitive gaming about to take off on several TV networks as a spectator sport, that competitive edge is something both Xbox and PlayStation are working to eliminate with the formation of the HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGIG), which looks to improve the HDR experience for gamers across platforms and hardware by setting industry standards and raising awareness.

How HDR & QLED Changes The Way You Game

Samsung is one of the companies that has emerged as a leader in developing monitors and TVs that are plug-and-play ready to deliver a far more immersive gaming experience with their new 4K HDR QLED technology.
Has this ever happened to you? You’re playing a game with your friends, but all of a sudden you notice your screen is starting to lag. You’re also too close to the screen, again, because you can’t see anything in the darkness. In gaming, technology makes all the difference, so it may be time to level up. Samsung’s QLED TV helps you dive into a fresh new experience. From hardware to software, here’s how your next  TV will keep you on your toes.

Clear, vivid images so you don’t miss friend or foe

Disappear into the graphics of your favorite FPS game with truer images that immerse you in the action. With QLED TV and its HDR1500 technology, you can expect a range of lifelike color and contrast, so you can get crisp, clear details even in the dark shadows. But it’s not just awesome color. You’ll see the game in its entirety on the large, slim-bezeled 4K HDR screen as you pursue your virtual opponents. And vivid color and details on your QLED TV mean you won’t overlook anything—or more importantly, anyone.

A TV that keeps up with the game

The sharp, fluid action of your QLED TV’s 4K HDR screen helps bring out the best of your gaming abilities. To make sure your eyes can catch subtle, obscured movement, QLED TV’s low millisecond input lag comes to the rescue. Then when you’re ready to flex your reflexes, QLED TV’s ultra-fast motion rate reveals just how smooth the action can be, without sacrificing finesse.* With the precise timing necessary to come out on top, QLED TV creates a seamless transition into the world of your favorite game.

A convenient connection

An easy way to connect your consoles can enhance your overall gaming experience. The One Connect Box is a clean, straightforward way to hook your consoles up to your Smart QLED TV. Your QLED TV uses Auto Detection to recognize connected consoles, so simply connect your consoles to the One Connect Box and you’re good to go. Once the consoles are connected, easily control your multiple devices with One Remote Control and quickly get to gaming with HDR.

Even without a console, the fun doesn’t stop

There’s more to your QLED TV than playing your go-to console games. One look into Smart Hub will show you thousands of games available for streaming on SteamLink. Through SteamLink you can connect with and play against players from all over the world, all from the comfort of your home. Whether console or online, sit back and dominate on the same QLED TV


Enveloping you in a whole new experience

When you’re ready for an adventure it’s time to game on a QLED TV. Bringing together 4K, HDR, and QLED, the screen immerses you in its deep contrast, sharp detail, and seamless connectivity. You can grab that lightning-fast ball, explore hidden worlds, and take down bad guys with your buddies. So for quality gear to take your gaming to the next level, use a TV that’s prepped for battle.

Video & Audio Center is proud to carry the entire line of Samsung 4K HDR Ultra High Definition QLED TVs and gaming monitors, stop into any one of our five Los Angeles-area technology superstore, or visit us online at www.—either way you are sure to get the best deal on the very latest technology.

·       *QLED TVs offer optimal game performance with a minimal input lag of 15.4ms on a 120Hz panel and 11.4ms on a 60Hz panel. Input lag may vary.
·       Auto Source Recognition and controlling function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV. Please visit find the list of compatible devices.
·       Auto Detection and controlling function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV.


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