Monday, November 18, 2019

The Importance of Buying from an Authorized Dealer (Updated 2019)

Update November 2019: With Black Friday right around the corner, buying from a trusted dealer should be at the top of your list! Below you can find all the benefits of buying from an authorized dealer and the importance of being able to trust your retailer of choice. 

We've all seen it online, you Google a specific TV model and there’s a list of 10-20 companies that sell that specific model—the prices all seem to be within a few dollars of each other until you see a model priced less from a company you’ve more than likely have never heard of…welcome to the dangerous world of non-authorized dealers.

Video & Audio Center is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for every brand that we represent. Whether online or in-store, when you buy a product from an authorized dealer, you are assured of a high level of reliability, professionalism and even honesty. Video & Audio Center buys directly from the manufacturer, so you receive only “factory-fresh” merchandise, with a full warranty. All the accessories, user and operator manuals, and warranty information that is packed in the box at the factory by the manufacturer will is included in your shipment or delivery. Additionally, any rebates or special offers that are offered by the manufacturer will be included and honored when purchased from an Authorized Dealer. This is not the case necessarily with non-authorized dealers.

The brand name manufacturers we have partnered with, Sony, Samsung, LG, Sonos and more have product representatives who hold regular training sessions with our sales and support staff, assuring a high level of product knowledge and professionalism from the point of purchase through installation and ultimately, customer support. We have to satisfy our manufacturers standards in order to become an authorized dealer, and our high level of service continues long after the sale to help ensure hours of enjoyment with your equipment. Our Customer Service Representatives can assist you with the delivery, operation, exchange or even the return of your purchase.

Before you purchase from an unauthorized dealer, you need to consider the following. Some unauthorized dealers sell products with the serial numbers altered, or entirely removed so that the manufacturers cannot track how they obtained these units and what channels or country they are sold in. This action automatically voids the warranty and leaves the consumer holding the bag when a problem develops.

Some unauthorized dealers sell "grey goods" or "parallel import" versions of the products. These are similar versions that were not intended for distribution in the USA. In some instances, the manufacturers will not honor the warranty or rebate offers on products that are not sold through their approved sales channels. Some of these products can have different voltages, different accessories, or instruction manuals that are not written in English. Even when the merchandise is the legitimate USA version, some unauthorized dealers will take accessories (such as an AC adapter) out of the sealed carton, and sell them to you separately at an additional cost. Some dealers will sell refurbished products without informing you of this. Please be aware of these potential pitfalls and buy from an authorized dealer—especially online.

In an industry where websites and companies come and go, Video & Audio Center has been Southern California’s #1 choice for name brand electronics for over 37 years and a large percentage of our sales come from repeat customers; we will be here long after you have made your purchase to ensure your complete satisfaction, while other vendors will be just a memory.


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